Zardy reskin (Bluebirds take) [Friday night Funkin'] -

Zardy reskin (Bluebirds take) [Friday night Funkin’]

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Sprite by : Bluebirds
Icon by : Jair

this reskin mod was supposed to be fully remastered with remix songs.
but, there’s too many unfinished projects are waiting me,
so I just decided to scrap or less scale for my break.

thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed

Download :


  1. sadly, this mod doesn't has many features.
    because its kinda like yea,theres no bushwhack 🙁

  2. Goddamn bro used to be 3k subs now he 15k

  3. 우리 블버 내가 자디좋아하는건 어떻게알궁


  5. That was Cool, didn't include the fading part at the end but given what BlueBirds said, I'll accept it

  6. hey look its my sleep paralysis demon

  7. That's a really cool reskin and just wondering can I ask you a question

  8. Challenge: If Swankybox react to you're Reanimated Zardy, you got the OG FNF Mods Medal: 🥇

  9. My God this looks soo amazing and nice sprites BlueBirds ❤️❤️👍👍🔥🔥

  10. it would be nice to have you animating whitty ballistic music and tricky expurgation it would be really cool the way you animate wanted to see how it would look

  11. Oh yeah…this mod was a thing🫤

  12. Not bad but i prefere the SugarRatio remaster.

  13. Wow! Zardy, I haven't seen it in a long time…(I just haven't seen it)
    Your drawings and sprites are all wonderful!
    (I'm using a translator. I'm sorry if the sentences are strange…)

  14. I really like Zardy, very nostalgic, and to see this is very cool, and heart warming to see the og mods gets recognized in this modern age of fnf! Very nice art though, pure eye candy! 🙂

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