You NEED to play these Friday Night Funkin' Mods -

You NEED to play these Friday Night Funkin’ Mods

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You NEED to play these Friday Night Funkin’ Mods. Okay ngl, you REALLY only need to play one of them lol.


watch the 2 Communitygame videos here –

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Convict & Deimos | One Shot Mania

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Nonsense V2

timestamps –
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:27 Rounds of Madness
00:09:53 Hit Single
00:25:28 Nonsense V2
00:48:27 One Shot Mania

play all of the mods here –

Vs Sonic.Exe: Rounds of Madness

Hit Single

FNF Nonsensical Friday Night (Vs Nonsense V2) DEMO


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  1. Nonsense v2 e mod sacrifice despertaram meu QI

  2. Final Nightmare with nightmare difficulty on the Nightmare mod is so hard to beat. You need to be very accurate or else you die and all the mechanics make it so hard.

  3. I'm telling you the edgier the mod the more "my type" gf gets

  4. The "I'm SpongeBob" was the one thing to make me laugh in the entire nonsense mod fr.

  5. The guy singing in Joyous was the creator of the lord x pc port

  6. Fun fact: lord x's shoes are supposed to be socks there not shoes they are socks just socks with a sonic shoe look

  7. Bro I love your videos but I have a request can you please and I mean please play Friday night fever frenzy just give it a try please

  8. Awhile back you played like a mod called vs sonic.exe restored, well there’s this mod called vs sonic.exe GraveRobbed that restored exe way better, and changes it enough to the point of it being individual. You should totally check it out

  9. you aren't alone, these jokes are outdated as hell, and would've only been remotely funny 3-4 years ago.

  10. Riqos: 'this mod, is not that funny.'
    Also Riqos: (Possibly) the FUNNIEST Mod in the FNF community. and also laughs a decent amount of times in this mod LOL. also yes i definetly want u to play the rest of the nonsense mod. cause it's funny and high effort and quality and everything lol. (or at least watch the whole thing if you somehow still cant beat newsensical LOL)

  11. Sad that the dedmos convict mod got canned

    but newsensical is like so hard


    I know fnf ain't your passion but these mods are so good!

  12. Well I got to be honest my brother is great to see you back on the mods and playing is hard again just take your time doing stuff I will always be here no matter what my brother

  13. No one really knows what’s happening with the actual FNF Game, tho, some characters have been confirmed. Also I’ll put the lyrics for Tricheal for anyone who’s wondering what Lord X is saying, and for those who are questioning what Tricheal is about… Lord X sings to BF about his woes. About the realization that the Cycle doesn’t go on forever and eventually the Vessel he has claimed his home (Sonic) will Wither and Rot away.

    “My Creation/
    Is it Real?/
    There’s a Feel/
    Hypersensing Details Falling all Between the Lines/
    Thinking back I Wonder if I really don’t have Time/

    Soon, I’m, Com-ing, Home/
    A Vessel, All My Own/
    To Attain Eternal Life/
    In-to, the, Light/

    I Tore off my Face/
    I don’t want it Back/
    Do Not let Me See it/
    It will Fade to Black/

    I’m Waiting, Still Breathing/
    No Longer Worth Deceiving/
    This Flesh Decaying/
    But My Heart still Beating/
    This Goes, Far Beyond You/
    Stirring, Something Untrue/

    Smoke may Clear/
    But I’m Still Here/
    And Always will be/
    Part. Of. You./

    It’s Been a Wild Ride!/
    I Thank You for You’re Time!/
    Peer Deep into my Eyes and see/
    I’m Joyous, To Be!/

    But I’m still Here…/
    And Always Will Be…/
    Part… Of.. You./“

  14. 𝔹𝕣𝕚𝕔𝕜𝕝𝕠𝕣𝕕? says:

    Glad you were able to play One Shot Mania

  15. Hit single my favorite, glad to see more of ur content (also you should play funkin heroes demo, its a megaman mod)

  16. I guess the nonsense mod was suppose to be not funny it feels intentional

  17. Let's Gooo bro, and also on the Lord X song joyous you play as joedoughboi the creator of Lord X

  18. I think u should play the nonsense mod personally it I think it has mostly good to great songs and this mod was just a intentional joke to be not taken seriously 👍🏼

  19. Btw one of the people who created one shot mania made graffiti groovin

  20. Nobody likes Rounds of Madness 😢
    Anyway creator of the mod here, thx for playing 👍

  21. One of the rounds of madness devs here!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR PLAYING THE MOD!!!

  22. Riqos homie please try these 2 everyone is sleeping on them:
    Vinyl Girl, and Broken Night Dimensions they are BOPS


  23. Riqos please 🙏 try Vinyl Girl, Broken Night Dimensions, and Late Night City Tales they are fire

    There IS decent mods out there my guy

  24. How do you get sonic mania mixed Sonic origins

  25. I been waiting for this ONE DAMN MADNESS MOD to come out, but to tell you the truth the mod is gonna be HELLA Hard but the Songs are GODTIER, I haven't play a fnf mod for a while, Im not coming back until this One madness mod comes out, if you want to hear a song from it, search up "Fnf madness mod Anger of god" its a Jebus song for the mod.

  26. No real big news on the main fnf game, it’s just that the next fnf update is going to be a slice of the actual game, so you’ll be seeing. Many finalized features

  27. Bro made another banger 🥱😼🤷‍♂️

  28. idc what anyone says, i got so close to beating nonsense's lil god mode song and failed
    so i downloaded an fnf inf hp script

  29. Such a shame you never got to play Friday night Funkin' Left Sides. You played mods stood out and not hidden gems. For that, you're disappointing. Never got to experience a remix made by one developer.

  30. These mods are really good. There is so many mods that are VERY high quality. There are certain mods that I don’t even know if I should consider them as fnf mods anymore for how good it is. I really love how massively fnf mods have evolved.

  31. Well there has been a few problems with the fake fnf leaks regarding finnku but there’s a lot to take in

  32. The reason why Lord X is saying he's still here is because of the memories he's made but won't have them since the vessel he's using is a source to keep him alive but the the body is decaying since it's Sonics dead body, but his heart still beat and is still alive, but he knows he won't last forever since the sing treachel was going to be a song where his wild ride is going to end

  33. Also the FNF base game is still in development but they have a blog post keeping it update

  34. Apparently it's like an official rule by Phantom Arcade that you need to share your flas

    So One Shot Mania is discontinued and cancelled because there was traced artwork and if people got the hands of those files in The Funkin Crew would HAVE NO WAY IN STOPPING EVERYONE TO NOT USE DEIMOS SPRITE SHEET WHICH IS MADE BY PHANTOM ARCADE

    So yeah that's why

  35. Really great fnf mods but i think my favorite is definitely hit single that mod is just peak but one shot mania was pretty peak its too bad it got canceled but yeah can't wait to see the next video riqos!👍✨️❤️

  36. The mod wont get anymore updates, The artist had a "issue" when joining the base game. Shit happened and the mod is canceled

  37. that cutscene where you said its from sonic origins its from sonic mania lol btw

  38. My guy, can u do a tutorial on how to download fnf cuz the once I be getting get viruses on them

  39. The 1 song I can't beat no matter what, Mami – Salvation (Holy)

    That's some dangerous stuff

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