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Worship – Friday Night Funkin’: Mid-Fight Masses OST

Mike Geno
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Hey guys! I helped to create a Friday Night Funkin’ Mod with 2 friends! The mod is called ‘Mid-Fight Masses’ and I created the music for it. Go check out the mod and follow them!

Dokkidoodlez: ​

KuroAo Anomal|黒青|: ​


GO DOWNLOAD ‘Mid-Fight Masses’!:

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  1. it's already been a year?! We have gone do far

  2. Worship is underrated.
    (Zavodila and casanova still top 2 in this mod- opinion. The song, not the charting-)

  3. I have very good memories playing this mod and the songs are still fire

  4. Beep bop beep bop bop bop beep bop Sarv GET RUV

  5. Who tf is that girl in the thumbnail (replies only)

  6. Everybody gangsta until bf goes through puberty

  7. sarvente and sarvia sister ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️good

  8. You know you just screwed up when you make Sarv mad O_O

  9. [لَاْ إلَهَ إلَاَ أللّه وَحْدَهُ لآ شَرِيْكَ لَهُ]

  10. Mike geno me darias el permiso para utilizar a sarvente

  11. O una pregunta puedo aser personajes de mi mod que sean mios que sean parecidos a los del mod de sarv son mios o de ustedes?

  12. I admit it, this now give me some nostalgia x"D

  13. me vibing at 3AM be like:

    Tysm for 2 likes 😀

  14. I love ❤ dis song

  15. I played this mod and this song made me nearly break my left hand

  16. Aw shucks, 2021? Man, i remember i used to be obssesed with Mid Fight Masses

  17. are you awsomenumbergoku? or not?

  18. Oh the memories. If you see this Mike, tell the people who worked on this they were awesome devs.

  19. Parish: 😁
    Worship: 😀
    Zavodila: 😨
    Gospel: 💀

  20. Im getting a mandela effect geno, i swear to christ (unironically) sarv's vocals used to slide longer or i've not heard fnf for so long my brain is playing tricks.

  21. Bf lowered his voice for no reason and it will always fit for no absolute reason

  22. Who remembers when this mod had a fandom?

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