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Whitty vs Boyfriend Fire Fight Part 1 (Friday Night Funkin’ Animation)

Chino’s Animated
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BF Challenges Whitty to a fight between flame-throwers.

Mod Link: [Unavailable] R.I.P Whitty Mod

“Overhead” (song):

#fridaynightfunkin #vswhitty #animation

Animation Software: Adobe Animate CC
Editing Software: FilmoraX
Drawing tablet: Ugee M708 graphics tab


  1. So as we know, bf has an ability called echo, where he can copy any special stat or power his opponent has. This makes me wonder what other powers he will copy in the future.

    Edit: I forgot how good this song is.

  2. bruh am i the only one thinking gf's animations look so cute TwT

  3. The whitty mod will be back if modders made this playable

  4. Whitty released an air bubble and turned it into a bomb JoJo intensifies

  5. Why didn’t I see this 10 hours ago!?

  6. I'm more concerned about how the bar seems to have been cracked at the end

  7. Really well done, I probably can't even truly understand all the hard work that go there so I want to thank you for this master piece, hope you rest well after that.

  8. you could do eteled for a fighting anim

  9. Them : having an intense anime battle
    Gf : still vibing 😀

  10. I bet there will not pass 1 week before someone makes a mod of this xdddddd

  11. Yooooo!!! We totally gotta get more of these where BF uses his ECHO ability to actually fight his opponents. It's So much more visually fun!!

  12. 2:35 is no one gonna talk about the Killer Queen reference here?

  13. "Kid, you don't know what I am or what I'M dealing with right now" man, I'm confused. Aren't you too?

  14. I love Whitty boyfriend and girl friend too

  15. This animation is so amazing it litteraly makes me wanna breakdance

  16. Everything I see is kinda blowing and nice animation. and i wonder. the arrow charts I sure there is gonna be a blocking by using space bar. just like the playable matt. boxing I wish you good luck dude trying to make the part 2. of this video and hope you have a great day.

  17. Chino is so good at drawing and animating these characters.


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