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What’s going on in Vs Impostor V4? Friday Night Funkin’ Explained

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In today’s video, I tell you all about the V4 update for the Vs Impostor Friday Night Funkin’ mod, including some exclusive info from the developers!

0:00 Intro
0:14 Polus Problems
1:38 Mira Mania
3:23 Airship Atrocities
5:16 Defeat
7:40 Magmatic Monstrosity
9:10 Deadly Delusion
10:30 Humane Heartbeat
12:07 Identity Crisis
13:15 Finale Cutscene
13:46 Finale
15:57 Freeplay Songs

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  1. 5:19 I just have one question What is version 4 Black is supposed to be a unknown specimen controlling a player then who the actual living fuck is OG Black seriously who the actual fuck is he rather he is just hidden along the shadows only appearing in one song which is the defeat who the actual fuck is original black is he like mono tone because seriously original black is similar to the four black except for the fact well before black is supposed to be a unknown entity but OG black is supposed to be your average imposter I can tell OG black is your average imposter thanks to all it’s directional pulses and in the original versus imposter black is depicted as just the smartest out of the red and green and he just tricks people before you know he just mainly attacks them so who the actual fuck is original black

  2. Now grey is bizzare. The fact that he can kill not just crewmates, but even imposters. Now thats what I call a Delusional Maniac

  3. "Green killed Tan in storage"

    Bro thats coral 💀

    Edit: nevermind it is Tan, Greens task list says Tan on it.

  4. I had a feeling blue stop sign was going to cover this mod eventually, glad to see he still makes videos occasionally

  5. 5:42 One day, someone, who was likely a player, came across a strange, oozing, black liquid coming out of the wall, upon touching it, their body was transformed, changing color to the black color we are familiar with. Black doesn’t think much of it, using his newfound abilities to help him with simple things, such as grabbing pizza. Suddenly, Black has a strange craving. A dead body? For whatever reason, Black tries it, and seems to be feeling off afterwards, still having further cravings. As Black tries to ignore this urge, likely being confused as to why he even ate the bodies in the first place, the entity appears once again, demanding more to be eaten. Black is surprised, wondering where the voice came from. That is until it begins screaming in his brain for more. He continues to ignore the voice until it eventually stops, as Black falls to the ground, dead. His body gets covered in the liquid again, and here we have the final frame. Black, now just a puppet on strings for the entity to use.

  6. Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

    Ur back 🙂

  7. The unfinished cut scene of finale is somewhat funny

  8. yo you forgot that the player that maroon killed is Player from gametoons!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hey everyone, sorry for the wait with this video, hopefully you enjoyed it!

    Also, before you ask, the lack of Week J's inclusion is intentional. This is due to the recent passing of amongusfan24 (aka Red Mungus). I didn't want to discuss their character and the week as a whole as I never knew them personally and it didn't feel appropriate. I hope you understand.

    Please consider donating to the gofundme their friends have organized to continue the fight against cancer:

    (I'll post the link here when it is available, if I'm late to update this comment though, it should be on Clowfoe's twitter soon)

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