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What happened to Friday Night Funkin?

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It’s been almost 2 years since the Friday Night Funkin’ kickstarter, and very little is known about the game. What happened?

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0:00 Intro
0:13 Humble Beginnings
1:29 The Kickstarter
4:04 The Updates
4:53 The Physical Media
7:28 The Game


  1. Oh no, this is the homestuck kickstarter all over again!!

  2. friday night funkin going through some omori syndrome

  3. I think people forgot that they mentioned that they won't give much updates because the last time they did it people's hypes were overwhelming for them and that's why they keep it low

  4. I love this game and i’m still excited for the oficial lore and characters that are yet to come, no matter how long it takes

  5. It died, as it should have done much sooner. It was a terrible game, always was, and just got used for clickbait title to trick 4 year olds into watching lazy videos for money.

  6. wait, the community is dead?? I've been active as hell 😭😭

  7. I still honestly think what they are kinda forced to do is finish all the things for the kickstarter rewards and they want them to have good high quality things for everyone who gave money to gain said rewards, They do work on the game but- due to how much money they got, and the fact EVERY goal was reached, they might be overwhelmed by how many things they are having to make and can't exactly update the game as quickly as they want

  8. The REAL issue is those guys developing the soundtracks trying to keep up with the community. The “seven nation army” of the community release 10k of songs each day and theses guy have to INVENT FROM SCRATCH songs no one has heard that BANGS and WORKS and are ORIGINAL! Not an easy task screaming “stop publishing stuff! We cannot keep up!” to an army of creators that is 100 times bigger than a tiny developer team. I say that this long time waiting is worth the wait. Especially given the amount of things they need to keep the game coherent to the ORIGINAL SPIRIT OF THE GAME AND STORY that got buried beneath. The only thing I want to put into this “critique” (if we can call it such) is that they could tease or give previews to the content they are creating not only memes and jokes. Just a little, to show that our faith is in good hands.

    Thank you for reading and Godspeed to you all.

  9. as just a modpack developer, coding in just config files alone has chewed up weeks of my life, I'm not even finished and I decided I'd revisit it and change the values of an already booklet of code that I can severely mess up with a typo I'd spend hours trying to find. so, not even a 10th of the way finished.
    75 individual songs, with coding, cutscenes, artwork and merchandise in the middle of covid between four people sounds like it will take a few years if they never slept, ate or did anything else but work on the game. clearly too confident, but not willing to give up, honestly the fact they got anything done game wise that was update worthy is pretty impressive with what they were working with. I'd anticipate a full promised game by, at maximum, 2027 if they haven't given up or lost their backing by then, though I hope I'm woefully underestimating them.

  10. Bro you know how big this shit is have you ever done that? No didn't think so have some pattience jezus

  11. the thing is that yes, there are many things that take a lot of time to manufacture, but they put this upon themselves, the kickstarter desplayed a bit too many.

  12. If you have 2 million dollars certainly you can afford to salary people to ship merch and stuff out. Right?

  13. What I don't understand is with the amount of mods that were made they could ask those modders to help with prodcution or at least those who have already made story mods to be involved if story structure is the issue, that being said I am not a game creator and I understand that the game takes alot of work to make but its starting to look alot like Reflect Studios ride with strangers where there was alot of hype for the game but an actual release is never gonna happen. That being said I really hope i'm wrong and they are like BAM 2023/2024 release date as i been really wanting to play the full game of this for a long while now.

  14. Might as well start paying Mod creators. They're doing the work for them.

  15. damn didnt know the otamatone guy made videos like this

  16. You asking what happened to it, I'm asking what is it!😂

  17. These 4 young adults outta hire some help. Take some stress off, 2 mil is a lot of money

  18. How do you not make a damn piece of art for that long??????? (Specifically about the album artwork)

  19. So I backed the project in the middle of April 2021, only yesterday did my vinyl arrive
    (Hooray) but the art book code isn’t even here 😂.

  20. i was super hyped for this kickstarter, but thankfully i was super broke when it launched so I just told myself im gonna buy it later on steam (?) or get the mobile version
    when I saw all the promises, i was like, yep that sht will never come out lmao
    that's a shame, cuz i really love kawaisprite work, and looked forward to hear more, but oh well… at least they are millionar? :'D

  21. don’t understand why or how the BF got a fukin nendroid, with all the time money & effort you think I donno the promised pins & cds could have been done & sent instead

  22. with a lot of people pointing out how omori had a similar process, i think people should be more patient with game development
    omocat had a much larger team working on omori after she found out that rpgmaker development wasn't as easy as she excepted, while there's only like 4 people on fnf

  23. The title is ironic bc it says “i want my money back” even tho this game is free 😂😂😂
    Edit: what are the chances that they are just saying random updates while you guys donate to their cause while they are sitting there cashing in on the money? Idk, i rlly hope we can get the update in the next year and a half, i rlly hope they dont make the game extremely wierd tho, i would like to play a simple non sussy game thank you very much.

  24. Imagine coding, fixing bugs, animating cutscenes, making music even thinking for ideas take a lot of work and a very long time. They are trying their best to update the game for everyone. We don't know anything behind the scenes and maybe they are just not prepared for these goal to be met.

  25. the fnf team seems to have GREATLY underestimated how long this project would take, and how hard it would be to do, ultimately resulting in a heavily delayed project. I feel like this could be solved by hiring more employees, WE ALL KNOW THEY HAVE THE MONEY, AND WE'VE ALL SEEN THE FUNDS THEY'VE RAISED! they very clearly have enough money to hire more people, maybe even hire a team to handle the merch so that they can focus on the game.

  26. Wait I didn’t realize this was the otamatone guy!

  27. I didn't even realise which sully you were until like 5 and a half minutes in 💀 I have otamatunes vol 1 on cassette and am looking forward to vol 2 ❤️

  28. Meanwhile Hi-Fi Rush shadow-dropped out of nowhere and it's super successful and high-production

  29. The sad thing is this speaks to me way more as greed than incompetence. Oh, you don't know how to do this or that? Guess what, you have two million dollars, spend some time finding and hiring someone who DOES KNOW. The backers' money is supposed to go towards making the game and coming through with the rewards YOU PROMISED FOR THAT MONEY.

  30. > Devs are overly ambitious
    > Multiple promises
    > Fanbase having mental breakdown
    > Some serious dramas happening
    > Stupid amount of merchandise appears out of nowhere
    > It's in the development for several years now
    Are you all sure it's not taking Sonic Forces route?

  31. Their main problem is they expect that a small team such as their self to complete so much when in reality coding and making a game is very difficult it's easy to mod a game, but making it and now having to compete with originality because of all these mods made it 100x harder on them what the should of done is stuck to their goal once they had it Stop the Donation stuff so they can take time to work on it what they should of focus on is first Updating the games engine then focusing on remastering and Adding Hardmode to the game, Afterwards adding the cutscenes and Once they have that foundation set down they can move forward to the next weeks maybe the do 5-7 more weeks release it and see what everyone things and from there open up the Kickstarter again to accept more funds for the next few weeks of course having the merch too, but not too much start off small cause again if you promise too much you'll be stuck on a bind and again they are only human and such a small team they got irl to deal with too and shit so they are only gonna be able to work bits at a time. They should've probably thought of hiring some people from the modding community to help them out on it to help get more work done or atleast be more efficient with stuff idk just they had some really poor planning and should've thought of all the possibilities of how that Kickstarter was gonna go.

  32. Fnf really took the money and ran away now instead of getting updates they are suuing a roblox game im so dissapointed at the funkin crew

  33. I’m a backer and got my CD august 8 of last year. It sounds like people who ordered multiple forms of the ost (vinyl and CD for example) are waiting for it all to be complete to ship.

    Furthermore gamedev takes a long Long time, I’m not worried about the game coming out. It’s a group of four people who’ve never done this before and they obviously didn’t expect this big of a response. Maybe my adhd brain is really sympathetic to the long time this is taking, or maybe it’s because I Have received one of my perks, but as someone who has followed several gaming kickstarters this isn’t the best nor is it the worst. I’m thinking a lot of people backing are pretty young and aren’t used to, or realize how long game kickstarters take

  34. 2.2 million is more than enough to retire for most people. If someone asks for 60k to finish a job and you give them 2.2m, they're probably not gonna finish the job

  35. y'all clearly don't know how long game development takes lmao

  36. They totally ran home with money and honestly not mad

  37. I frickin love this game. Sucks that they don't care much about their game anymore.

  38. Wait, I thought this game was already out. I seen people modding it, showcasing different characters, heck, sir pelo contributed to the game. So, I was under the impression that this game came out.

    This is just a big shocker to me. This whole thing is being very poorly handled imo :0

  39. damn this is about as bad as Valve trying to keep up with Team Fortress 2.

  40. Omori: First Time? Don't worry it just takes "some" time.

  41. I love the game still btw but this is great to know

  42. I am a big backer of this project, I backed 200 bucks for some tasteful merchandise, and am pretty upset I haven't gotten it yet. Though I personally think that everything promised will be provided… eventually… and I fully agree with that last statement; once the dust settled, all that was left was 4 young adults, a big promise, and 58 thousand people to please.

  43. Ahhh feature creeping. This is why you don't promise anything till the base game itself is mostly complete. Get the single player experience as solid as possible before tacking on anything else on top of it. Especially online multiplayer. Setting that shit up, is going to be a nightmare.

  44. Quick update: On February 11th, we finally got our first Kickstarter update in over 6 months. Pins haven't started manufacturing yet, and are still another 2 months out.

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