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What Friday Night Funkin’ Sounds Like – MIDI Art

Abd Simsek
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Let’s see why Friday Night Funkin’ is so popular. Enjoy


  1. What is YouTube is always say this one bits missing? It's dumb to me

  2. Bruh this dude gives me ocd everytime i watch his videos and he always forgets ONE LITTLE THING LIKE REEEE

  3. I think it's senpais song


  5. The second one sounds like sonic or something

  6. Thấy búa đỏ với liềm đỏ ghép chung với nhau giống Việt Nam á chói chưa ae

  7. Eh, you no have pet bear? You no have AK-47 in backyard? Where you from? Why you no have mini gun next to camera next to stop light???

  8. 0:04 0:20 tell me that one of the white notes is there and simsek removes the white note while one of the white notes is there and simsek removes the white note

  9. my ears when it went on bf : 🚴‍♀️🚵‍♂️

  10. 0.05% Of The Comments: English
    99.99 Of The Comments: Russian

  11. soviet anthem will always be heard, nothing gets in our anthems way

  12. GMS preset used: Dreamer TE
    For the missing note of Boyfriend MIDI Art

  13. What is the first song in the video?

  14. 0:49 Russian athem, more like Ruv Athem :]

    (Sorry im spanish :'D)

  15. Why are you inserting the logo for you-know-what into every video

  16. Как в начале музыка называется?

  17. Why is this music finish and next one is Soviet Anthem or Russian Anthem?

  18. 0:13 anyone plssssss tell me the song name I wa t to know the song😭

  19. We almost hit 500k subscribers wow. Hit that join button now or I will slap your computer. Enjoy the funky sounds of friday night 🙂

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