Wednesday Infidelity - Untold Loneliness (Friday Night Funkin animation) -

Wednesday Infidelity – Untold Loneliness (Friday Night Funkin animation)

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Song: Untold Loneliness –

Song and concept by Sandi –

My favorite part from Wednesday Infidelity! I made an animation with this amazing song.

Oswald the lucky rabbit is trying so hard to fight his luck and beat himself to see his beloved wife Ortensia(it’s an official story of the mod) in this mod, this song more likely sounds like Boyfriend singing a song of luck to him to prevent his attempts.

And Oswald’s eye in the end is definitely my bad, god dammit.


  1. Poor oswald he has no friends that's why he wants to die

  2. A L R I G H T A L R I G H T L E T S G E T T HIS O V E R W I T H

  3. Por eso le dicen Oswald el conejo afortunado

  4. oswald the lucky rabbit Era de se esperar porque não morre a sorte virou maldição, acho.

  5. Is that Oswald the rabbit with a revolver gun

  6. Sorry iam Italy fa ridere perché è bellissimo

  7. This is kinda funny
    Like, Oswald is too lucky to die
    Honestly, there’s a ton more ways he could have tried, and some more funny interactions between BF and Oswald
    Like, he try’s to suffocate in deadly gas, but it’s just fog

  8. Are BF and God just like good pals or what? 😂 A lot of those acts of saving were clearly done by someone from upstairs. 😇🙏

  9. bro tryna die but cant he is the lucky rabit after all am i right?

  10. Korbyn Dallas The. sloth king angel. arter says:

    1:00 thought there was only the devil,oswald and bf there

  11. Oswald: WHY?!
    Boyfriend: good thing I saved your life pal
    Oswald: yeah thanks I guess

  12. This feels like a actually old Disney cartoon

  13. This hits different after watching the Vesania video

  14. Only OGs remember this video's original thumbnail

  15. He’s too lucky to die, he literally has luck, hence the name “Oswald the LUCKY rabbit”. It’s just endless suffering.

  16. oswalt is me everyday but my parents don’t give a fuck

  17. It's cool but I don't like that they will change the thumbnail 😢

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