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We FINALLY Got Friday Night Funkin’ News!

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Friday Night Funkin’ is one of the most anticipated Indie Games of all time, and coming off of a successful kickstarter, many have wondered if we’re ever going to get the game. Today we talk about the new Erect previews that we got and what it means for the future of the game. Especially with development of my own game, Indigo Park, I’m excited to see what other indie’s have coming up. Escape to the pixelated paradise: Play zsnes emulator games online with ease.

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Outro music by DPZ for the VS UniqueGeese – Feathery Fight Soundtrack:

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  1. I say people shouldn’t overhype it though because they will be met with massive disappointment, mods have already done a lot that the official game could be doing

  2. Mods are what have helped this community both flourish and wither. Whitty, Tricky, Indie Cross, Impostor, Sonic.EXE, Hazy River, Ourple Guy, Lullaby, Doki Doki Takeover, D-Sides, Mario’s Madness, all can soon FINALLY take a backseat for the real deal.

  3. this garbage fell off don't even bother hyping it up again

  4. I love how not only it's canon that BF speaks in beeps, but also GF understands him.

  5. My speculations (well not mine) are that they don't release stuff cuz it will get heavily modded.

    Tho I think that the fact that there are lots of mods is kinda calming the devs. Think about it, because the community is distracted by mods they have like a little more time I guess?

  6. As one of the fabled one-handed players, I, too, get terrified when i hear a character break it down

  7. i'm not gonna lie, as a former fnf fan (still kiiinda like it tho) i was somewhat afraid fnf would have ended up like yansim :,D glad we got some news and i'm pretty excited for the game ^_^

  8. Get ready for the unfortunate content farms when the game gets fully released…

  9. People were complaining, but video games take time. They needed to design characters, write sixty full songs, come up with an entire story… it’s a lot for a small team.
    I hate it when people try to rush things like that.

  10. the ??? sounds like it might be morse code but i might be watching to much game theory

  11. I’m a left handed wasd player here. It’s fun. My brain doesn’t work with 2 hands

  12. I'm just happy to know I didn't spend about $100 just for them to not do anything


  14. For indigo Park what is the date that you think will come out

  15. Man I missed the kick starter by like a day

  16. Please tell me you are going to play Mario Madness v2 and FNF at Freddy's, because they're some of the best mods I've ever seen.

  17. Yes, finally, someone of my skill issue. I’ve finally found him

  18. I’ve heard that a select few amount of mods will become playable in the full game. I wonder if that’s true

  19. I think I'm one of those few oddballs that plays fnf (on the rare occasions that I do play it) on "ADJL" keys

  20. hey mason pls trailer of indigo park plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  21. I heard a lot of stuff and rumors about FNF, but I always had my hopes high for it. Unlike games like Yandere Simulator, which my hopes crashed down pretty badly (for obvious reasons). I am SO happy I wasn't just setting my hopes up for disappointment again. I assumed people would think I'm crazy or something, but my hopes are still as high as ever!

  22. idc about that wheres week 8 if theres no weed 8 than it is old but still good

  23. when there's years of silence only for them to reveal that they actually have been working on the project

  24. Guess the mods are getting revived

  25. The funny thing is that I've never heard of you and I play exactly the same as you.

  26. You forgot to turn on the captions they explain a lot

  27. 7 years? Same time for 2.2 making from Geometry Dash.

  28. its so weird that they simply decided to acctualy do something this year, and its not even something that they promissed

  29. I’m not interested in this game anymore tbh, now the meta is about great assets to the company, retired YouTubers, And drama

    also, gosh, these songs sound so fucking good- I consider myself good for playing one handed (two handed at times with WASD) so these songs will be REALLY fun to play! 😀

  31. Thankfully it wasn’t just a scam. I was starting to think that

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