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Vs. Sonic.exe UPDATE 2 FULL PLAYTHROUGH (Friday Night Funkin’)

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00:00 – start
00:39 – Too-Slow (Main Story)
04:11 – You Can’t Run (Main Story)
07:07 – Triple Trouble (Main Story)
15:46 – Endless US Version (Majin)
18:35 – Cycles (Lord X)
21:04 – Sunshine (Tails Doll)
24:08 – Faker (EXE)
26:17 – Black Sun (EXE)
29:00 – Chaos (Fleetway)
31:43 – Second Page of ST


  1. Sunshine is pretty good imo, especially when everything fades out. Such a cool callback. :')

  2. Is there a way to play triple trouble without rings

  3. I don’t have access to my pc right now how does the ring mechanic work when I can play the mod

  4. Yo recuerdo que este video tenía 4.300 visitas

  5. what do the rings in triple trouble even do?

  6. Oh no, it is the spooky man!

  7. not realistic put it on 2x for the real effect

  8. i love your videos their soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

  9. I have some question about triple trouble.. can you fix note timing at eggman appeared? can't see note ;_; 12:00

  10. love porkers view of the whole fight feels like we are seeing it from his prospective. possibly porker's and gf's view of the fight

  11. lord x looks like a gentleman on down arrow

  12. Lord X Left arrow: Get a load of this maggot…. I can't kill it because I cant rap as good… Whats up with that?
    Right Arrow: WHEEZE
    Down Arrow: Anyway..
    Up Arrow. Demonic Screech

  13. This is just further proof that bf will rap battle anyone or anything.

  14. The sonic from faker song are fake because you can see she is a little evil

  15. yeah sonic now looks even scarier then before.

  16. Honestly, this mod as a whole shows love and dedication. This mod shows love to Sonic's history better than any Green Hill or Casino Night ripoff could hope to achieve. You all did your homework and then some. There are fans of all walks of life on this mod. EXE, Tails Doll, StC Super Sonic, even Faker.EXE (I know it's not his name, but it's an easier distinction) was meant to mock the old Movie designs (I'm reminded of those comics with a creepy, tall and lanky Sonic in the real world kidnapping people because he was looking for Tails) shows love for Sonic and all the creepy stuff the fans have cooked up for his series. Not to mention the use of proper Sonic sounds and music notes for the music instead of generic Genesis twang, beeps and boops. Like, Cycles uses cues from both Sonic CD (a possible connection to Lord X being the PC port version) and even Sonic Spinball!

    What I'm trying to say is, as one Sonic fan to a whole team of Sonic fans, I thank you for this mod. You guys are all amazing!

  17. I just noticed on Lord X’s up animation that BOTH of his arms are down. There is a third skeleton hand holding the mic… idk how to feel about that.

  18. This is a freaking masterpiece and Triple Trouble at the end encountering one final time after pasting Eggman the music and vocals Bf is singing. Is literally sounding like a final boss music battle

  19. Nicceeeee brooo 😎😎🥵🥵😎😎🥵
    Good gameplay

  20. Imagine if my hand hurt from triple trouble I would just die at the end or at egg man part

  21. The health drain in the songs are so intense like damn sometimes I can go from a full bar to dead before it’s my turn again

  22. Is very incredible!! 😮
    Will you be doing any updates as a "final round" in 2022?

  23. Which version of Sonic.EXE was Faker and Black Sun? Is it an original one made for this mod or did it already exist?

  24. When they said endless will have some competition i see why

  25. why did u make sonic laugh when the mod boots up? its unexpected.

  26. Pokemon Lost Silver, The Dead Trainer. says:

    Triple Trouble had me like 🩸👄🩸
    This entire mod was a blast to hear but triple trouble hit different!

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