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Vs. Sonic.exe UPDATE 2 FULL PLAYTHROUGH (Friday Night Funkin’)

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00:00 – start
00:39 – Too-Slow (Main Story)
04:11 – You Can’t Run (Main Story)
07:07 – Triple Trouble (Main Story)
15:46 – Endless US Version (Majin)
18:35 – Cycles (Lord X)
21:04 – Sunshine (Tails Doll)
24:08 – Faker (EXE)
26:17 – Black Sun (EXE)
29:00 – Chaos (Fleetway)
31:43 – Second Page of ST


  1. I wonder what mask Eggman wears in his left and up animations

  2. During triple trouble those high notes BF hit sounded like one of those creepy volcaloid songs.

  3. you guys made its perfect i love tge you cant run song

  4. Hi from russia. When i see a fleetway sonic i cant run from thes video. Its very cool i like it

  5. I feel sad for divide he couldnt see How well the mod went 🙁

  6. Can we hit up agoti on the endless mod again—

  7. He might be classic sonic cause look at Tails and the others and in you Can't run Theresa that 8 bit parte of classic sonic

  8. I like original endless better but the other changes are cool

  9. ué pensei que ninguém podia ir contra ele, um dos demônios mais forte da internet, afinal ele distorce tudo e gosta de tortura os personagem da de outros jogos, tipo ele faz copia deles e tortura eles e depois mostra como sua outra versão original ta se divertindo ai a versão distorcida envade o mundo deles para toma, se o protagonista não fizer nada eles dominam aquele mundo

  10. I love. How they made "mines" see through, its honestly dope!

  11. These extras are fucking gold

  12. God it’s been so long since Sonic.exe has seen the light, and honestly, it funkin’ nailed it!
    Devs truly caught the concept of .exe and amplified it to perfection!

  13. lmao im too busy jammin to the music to get scared by the jumpscares

  14. one secret for you enter in the sound test and make the code 00 00 you unlock new music

  15. Funny how he’ll just kill boyfriend offscreen.

  16. Anyone else hear fortnite's Orange Justice in Chaos?

  17. Okay, the Tails Doll bit. Can we just talk about that real quick? It's amazing!

  18. I love how nobody is talking about how amazing faker and black sun is
    It’s the biggest for why I absolute love this mod along with triple trouble

  19. Lord x had the slowest songs even remastered and his animation s are not hood

  20. tails Only I rememder in sonic.exe because tails is my favorite character

  21. In triple trouble what do the rings do??


    You missed sanic.exe it is 0 0 in sound test

  23. i have alot of appreciation for both the people who made this and played this. however, i'm not convinced this is a "full" playthrough of the story itself. unless the rings mean absolutely nothing, and they do not lead to a hidden song.

  24. It's amazing how casual Lord X is compared to the other EXE incarnations in this mod.

  25. Sunky and Sanic waiting for their turn.

  26. I noticed that this is a different build. In the song, sunshine, the icons are different and look more like Sonic R icons.

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