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V.S DIO | Friday Night Funkin’ JoJo Mod Showcase! (Week 5 DIO as Monster)

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DIO (Dio Brando) over Festive Lemon Demon


Game Used:
Friday Night Funkin’ [Mid-Fight Masses]

Friday Night Funkin’

Stardust Crusaders Pack by valerio

Chibi Jotaro by Juancho

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  1. I feel like DIO feels… Too stiff? Like his posing feels like a grandpa did them.

  2. That jonathan head in the tree was good because dio stole his body

  3. Just imagine jotsro instead of saying beep bop he says ora and dio says muda

  4. When it's the up arrow he does the pose
    I saw that

  5. dio's idle animation should've been the idle animation with the jacket from the game "Jojo Heritage For The Future"

  6. 0:00 Great, now i'm sad and depressed :'(


  7. ur is kin is frizin
    lemon demon is bri'ish

  8. YO what if we had whitty but its fugo and ballistic is purple haze rage mode

  9. If anything I would have thought that the dad would suit dio better, I feel like yoshikage Kira should have been lemon demon-

  10. "You Tought This Was Monster,But It Was I!

  11. muahahahahahaha ur ganan die jotaro!!! ahahahahahaahahah ZA WARUDO!!!!

  12. this kid keeps on repeat me, he's the most annoying person in ZA WARUDO

  13. instead of corrupting, he wants to rule everyone.

  14. Thank you for hovering your cursor over Dio’s package everytime

  15. Talking about food hay we can compare dio and lemon demon

  16. just realized that the head on the christmas tree was jonathan

  17. When Jojo Fan See This ( 0:00 ) *Jojo Fan Sad Noise

  18. DIO explaining that hiring a monke stand user is a good idea

  19. Dio should be the mom. The clothes are similar.

  20. Me seeing the Jonathan's head litteraly me:

    Fac u dio

  21. Lemon demon : ok I retire, dio take my place .

    Dio : >:)

  22. Johnathan on the tree with his smile that is just super sad

  23. I lost 2nd battle upon JoJo
    Ugh, im bore, bye i will go to heaven then

  24. Rip Jonathan he is good man and he is a kind and sweet person who got kill by dio and he went to heaven in the clouds

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