Tone IT Down - Friday Night Funkin´ -

Tone IT Down – Friday Night Funkin´

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Wtach this cool animation about Friday Night Funkin´
Also this other funny video:

Original song by @atsuover
Based in Sharv´s video:

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  1. Wow, even though FNF is dead still you do animations. It shows how much you still love the game no matter the consequences and circumstances

  2. Did sonic just jumped in water to save BF?

    Wow, now that's truly heroic of him-

  3. To be honest I really miss zardy animation

  4. I thought that was vriska from homestuck in the thumbnail for a sec

  5. 😎😎😎😎👍👍👍😊😊😊

  6. Kenneth de la Panza Aguada Pérez y Pérez Gerardo says:

    Nah nah nah tremendo

  7. fnf x nico's funkbot's lullaby gf x carlos x taeya says:

    Fnf part 2?

  8. Cool, hope to see the deep poems video soon

  9. Good animation, I wanted to learn how to draw like this

  10. 2:05 the fact that you protraed that sonic loves tails like a brother so much, that he puts asude his fear of water to try to save BF

  11. Thank you for making such cool animations continue pls;)

  12. The animation is so good it's unbelievable I was waiting for so long for someone to make an animation of this remix song you couldn't have made this animation any better than it already is 🙂

  13. Tord: yeet! Boyfriend: beeeeeep! Edd: omg! You yeeted him!

  14. Alternative Ending: Boyfriend is too late to be saved

  15. Siempre alegrando el día con tus estupendas animations 10/10

  16. 𝒶𝓃𝒾𝓂ℯ𝓰𝒾𝓇𝓁◕‿◕ says:

    The animation so cool

  17. Amo cuando veo personajes de Eddword ❤

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