THIS OFFICIALY! | Friday Night Funkin Official Tankman Week 7 w/Cutscene,Full Week (HARD) -

THIS OFFICIALY! | Friday Night Funkin Official Tankman Week 7 w/Cutscene,Full Week (HARD)

The Wizard Royal
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Yes finally officially the 7th week tankman
the last phase. the last phase. Pico saved his girlfriend !. earlier girlfriend eye after red. pico when it falls (maybe it’s a portal) step on the head soldier then shoot the headshot

Thanks Cval – ya brown? video The cutscene was a take off

Play there!

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0:00 Intro
0:15 Tankman Cutscene 1
0:29 Week 7 – Phase 1 Ugh
1:58 Tankman Cutscene 2
2:09 Week 7 – Phase 2 Guns
4:31 Tankman Last Cutscene girlfriend saved by pico
5:07 Week 7 – Last Phase Stress
7:14 Outro

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Fnf sky ugh
Fnf tansky ugh
friday Night funkin Sky urrgh


  1. Sad. They should've recruited Pico with them

  2. Pico: Casually having lasers inside his gun

  3. Don’t you have a school to shoot up reference to pico school 4:52

  4. I love how pico is shooting so fast!
    Edit:This is amazing my favourite week 7

  5. i wish this was a officual week and not just a limited time week

  6. Tak soldier itu jahat

  7. k guys tankman and his songs are cool there are my favorite

  8. See someone record me my next video is…I won’t tell to know the video:subscribe.step 2 like all video.

  9. am i the one just realised the beat is just simultaneously when pico shooting

  10. Pico:Get 18 yrs
    Tankman:You will go to army
    Pico:Kills all*
    Tankman:Oh its shi# i gtg bye

  11. Honk honk who's there, A FREAK WITH GLASSES says:

    4:49 Girlfriend: Pico Come out!

    Pico: Savage Mode

  12. ITs to hard to beat tricky CHALLENGE you to win on tricky without one combo break

  13. First of all the first one was rock but now its like not

  14. 7.7 Million views, posted 7 months ago and its Week 7 lol

  15. “Ah look who it is your sexually ambiguous angry little friend” it killed me 😂

    Imma guess that tank man is British because based off of my experience call a British person a c**t and they are fine call an American a c**t and they make a huge deal about it

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