The Scrapped and Unused Content From Vs Impostor! (Friday Night Funkin' Mod Facts) -

The Scrapped and Unused Content From Vs Impostor! (Friday Night Funkin’ Mod Facts)

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Today we cover the absolutely massive amount of things that hit the cutting room floor during production of Vs Impostor Version 4. You might be surprised by what we’ve found, so check it out!

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  2. Bf-WD Was Going to Be Used Of Posussium And The Sheet's Justs Missing. IRONIC

  3. 7:23 honestly if this was in the mod I’d be smiling after he died knowing what gametoons channel has become..and it sucks

  4. 8:13 and this is exactly why people should stop leaking or showing other peoples sh.t because it either hinders the project or hell gets it canceled all entirely! And ever since Wednesdays infidelity did that song about these type of people I’ve seen the word teaser instead of leak..ironic

    Unless it’s the creator showing the work on their page I understand but if your not the creator or someone on the team you have no right to leak something that shouldn’t be shown in the first place!

  5. There was also an unused bf sprites known as boyfriend-happy.png.

  6. I hope they update one more time and add all the unfinished stuff they could same it Impostor V5 the final edition

  7. I always found it wierd how the dev team had to remove assets due to time. It was stated multiple times during the lead up that Imposter V4 wouldn't have a release date due to Clownfoe not wanting to inflict time crunch, but it seems lime there was still a deadline for January 2023. While I'm glad that it got released, I still believe that more could have been done. Even with the upcoming Hotfix. One final thing I feel like I should mention is that if development still continued it could have ended up like Vs. Sonic.EXE where other than all the drama, burnout and lack of ideas became present even with the huge amount of love and passion before the cancelled build was revealed and released.

  8. 7:20
    Of course he didn’t forget maroons unused cutscene featuring player from gametoons

  9. Darknebolian really turned into TetraBitGaming's Lost Bits.

  10. the bf_wd was for posussium when bf started singing the gaster rap meme, the sprites are on youtube now

  11. The boyfriend-wd actually has a character xml, it is just missing from the final game.

  12. I hope some of these things come in the hotfix update.

  13. The potassium creator was a pedo which is why they were scrapped

  14. Actually the Moncohrome cover was removed due to the artist if i remember correctly, Nii-San made the song and he's still on the team i think

  15. loggo here, talking about some stuff
    alien cat was not for any song im pretty sure its a placeholder like thing (i dont know about this)
    loggo's easter was real, it had loggo and boyfriend sprites
    i was always doing the jorsawsees jams cutscenes, dozen was gonna do the week airship ones
    jerma sprite thing with the multiple variations is a joke
    novisor thing was a joke
    leaks did not contribute that crazy to v4 we were chilling

  16. Do you know that red is a girl in the meltdown talking she says “I have a husband and kids at home”

  17. 3:45 So funnily enough that sprite was deleted along with the Bananaungus as well since the sprite was supposed to be used in the song Posussium as a mid game event where bf would’ve turned into thr bf_gaster sprites but due to the drama with composer that sprite went unused.

  18. Black and Grey kill everyone in Mira:

    Kill Cooldown: so I'm not here?

  19. 7:22 that player song sounded like it was gonna be a banger song 🙁

  20. Great video, btw these are some heads-up for the video: 0:41 In an early version of the shop this skin is listed as a playable skin although it can’t be selected. The same version also has pets, skins and another one which simply has the same skin icon from the original game being three separate menus instead of one like in the final game, although trying to access the other two will simply shows nothing.

    1:25 It’s because of drama, that’s why the same musician do not get credited in Alpha Moogus and Actin Sus.

    2:15 That’s true, a build from November 2021 proves this.

    3:33 Back in April 2022 these sprites were part of the (early) stage.

    7:49 This isn’t related to V4 at all as stated in Clowfoe’s YouTube community post. It was simply made for fun (the post got deleted btw)

  21. I wish there was a song about among us vr or the white crewmate in the polus bathroom stall

  22. You forgot to mention that in greens fist song in the dev stream crewmates walking around during it

  23. Ok let's check out some Scrapped Removed and Unused content for VS Imposter everyone and here we go!! .. and alrighty yeah those were the three sections about a bunch of stuff that didn't make it and so forth but yeah W video bolian and hope you have a nice day👍✨️🧡

  24. Will the cutscenes be reimplemented I really hope so

  25. I think you forgot that theres a early red playable name redplayable. Its in bin>shared>images>characters. It didnt have a json file (redp is paired with red_stuffs. The final products red playable). So meanting its unfinished and i think it could have something to do with blue crewmate holding a GUN in one of scrapped unfinished cutscence. And there were stickman (henry is jot stickman but stickmin) as character background i assumed it has something to do with armed as the stickmans has tophats.

  26. This isn't about Vs Impostor V4, but I still want to mention it because I want you to do this mod. And I am shocked and appalled that you haven't done this mod yet. And that mod is… WEDNESDAY INFIDELITY!!! (I don't know why you haven't done this yet but you still could. 🙂

  27. We’re going to make red mungus fly, crap

  28. I really hope those cut animations get added back at some point, they looked SUPER clean

  29. It would be super cool if the cutscenes after final was in the final version of vs imposter

  30. Alien was posted by creepercrunch alot if i recall correctly so thats probably why it was cut

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