The Friday Night Funkin' Update -

The Friday Night Funkin’ Update

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Oh, how little has changed in one year…

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  1. They really need a roadmap and a good manager lol, they have 2 mil and only a few people in the team!!!

  2. bro just posted a video days after they showed something from the game, it's crazy.

  3. Again. FNF has ruined my life and I want nothing more than for it to flop

    Look at Penny Blood and Armed Fantasia. They do MONTHLY Updates. Why can’t fnf be like that

  4. Never let a childish game fund money ever again

  5. They just need to release it already this shit is dead as hell and has been since like last year if it makes a resurgence in popularity then great awesome (not gonna happen) but it would be cool if they dropped something OTHER THAN KICKSTARTER UPDATES ABOUT KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE PERKS

  6. They are single handedly killing this game somehow. Like how do you do that

  7. I feel like if they keep not making updates at some point NinjMuffin will be charged with wire fruad.

  8. No matter if this game comes out and is great, or it doesnt, or is just bad, I'm still glad I only Gave them 30$

  9. This guy looks like someone who I wouldn’t trust with my kids

  10. I hate that this happened, because back in 2021, I saw unfiltered, unequivocal, AMAZING potential the game had. The game piqued my interest, even if I know that I’ll never be able to play it without raging like it’s Getting Over It with Bennet Foddey. But now, the mods are the only new thing being released, and it sucks. Doesn’t help that the community went to shit.

  11. Yeah when this was popular in 2021 so many drama has happened when it comes out it will go down unlike Scratchin Melody Who actually updated when Friday night funkin hadn’t even Been fully done Promise me if you want something like Friday night funkin go watch or play scratching Melody at least nothing bad haven’t happened yet

  12. This is gonna be another yandere sim game atp

  13. At this point the mods ARE the official game. Like cmon, Mario's Madness V2? Indie Cross? Hypno's Lullaby? There is no way the actual games gonna top all these mods.

  14. lmao I knew it, supporters got scammed 💀

  15. Bro, this game deadass has to be better than the ENTIRETY of all the content of the FNF community. But how the hell is that gonna come true when the game isn’t even worked on? Lmao.

  16. I ordered the OST combo during the kickstarter frenzy and I eventually cancelled it because it's literally got BF holding a condom in one of the covers (can't keep that around whilst parents and grandparents are about and handle mail) but despite that, I just have one question that's on everyone's minds.

    WHERE'S OUR FUCKING GAME OR MONEY?? I understand they were a little in over their heads but you'd at least expect SOMETHING after 3 years spent making the game, and the last tweet of actual news we got was like a year or two ago talking about developing the game. the people paid 2 million for this.

  17. Hope this is another Omori situation with the game coming out in good condition even with the original promises from the Kickstarter not coming earlier.

  18. Personally, I still absolutely LOVE the game, the mods, EVERTYTHING about FNF! I still have hope for the game. My only thing is..update the fucking game already LMAO!! If they're still working on the full game then thats fine! BUT UPDATE SOMETHING!! They also need to stop promising release dates…Literally every time they've promised to release something on a certain day..nothing ever happens and now everyone is disappointed. Don't make promises you can't keep.

  19. I think my issue is that the fans may out make the game if it comes out. Like legit the amount of features and how far the fans have gone has already givin' me enough of a funkin' good time.

    Feels like that could be the case with Lethal Company but it depends.

  20. I have friends who religiously love this game, I thought it’s actually out?? Lol

    I’m allergic to posts like the one at 4:26 they clearly have nothing to write to the public.
    If you’re this kind of social media manager/site updater, then get ready for people being ANGRY AF

  21. Man I sure do hope 2 million dollars doesnt go to waste, thats a whole lot of money.

  22. I unfortunately purchased the soundtrack combo (all 3 releases), I still have not received mine.

  23. Okay, I'm glad most people got some of their Backer rewards, but vinyls are kind of outdated. Which kind of shocks me how that was a reward.

  24. they straight up took the bag a high tailed to internet-narnia

  25. At this point its a matter of what comes out first. GTA 6, FNF, or Yandere Sim.

  26. this is HEAVILY giving me flashbacks to the whole mighty no. 9 kickstarter, but at least with that they did some kind of updates and info for the game than whatever the hell the fnf team is doing, i mean hell both games nearly raised around millions of dollars so i wouldn’t be shocked if fnf becomes the next mighty no.9 of it being a mid game

  27. 8:03 well omori was a banger thank you for your service [hard-earned money]

  28. I still havent recieved my physical combo ost 🙃

  29. The fact that the entire three-year timeframe of the Clone Wars would perfectly fit between now and the last actual impactful update on this thing should tell you all you need tbh

  30. honestly questioning if the game will even be worth it once it drops, the hype's been dead for a good while

  31. giving up on even thinking the game will be updated at this point

  32. They definitely need a community manager, because this team is so dysfunctional it hurts seeing their budget

  33. 2 Million is a lot of money, I wonder if they are just living off it.

  34. That podcast with panpiza did aged badly

  35. I’ve gotten better updates on what the indian guy did with the $1500 in steam gift cards I sent him than with fnf. I don’t think they ran away with the money, and i have gotten the poster and cd i bought, but it’s still annoying that we have no info.

  36. I just love when youtubers barely try to find information or try waiting for more about a specific thing they clearly don't care about and makes a "this is totally scam" type of video and does not comment updates about useful information from the devs that can fix the problem

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