The Best Jumpscares in FNF - Friday Night Funkin -

The Best Jumpscares in FNF – Friday Night Funkin

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  1. The Mickey Mouse one I’m used to but Jeff the killer his face was scary when the picture showed up I like dropped my phone and ran

  2. It wasn't scary at all. I even laughed at one jumpscare.

  3. The Jeff one is not scary at all lmfao

  4. What what is gonna happen do I don't know what that is but it looks like what happens now in 3 and 3 and 32210 1st transfirst trump's gear is gonna happen and like 5 seconds Is ready 543R32YY00 here we go That is a creepy that's so creepy Just do it

  5. Let's see what happens Next on the next music song I don't know what that song is but I'm just gonna walk I'm gonna I'm just gonna watch you all the way to the end In the outdraw OK see you guys later bye and let it see what happened is next on the next door 54321

  6. It's OK that's from that song but it's actually a different song of heaven I don't know what heaven has got joining up look it up I'll be right back

  7. Heaven's it's actually a region such as gods and angels I looked it up and it looks like it's actually when you die and go to heaven and it's actually in the sky and clouds and I'm not gonna die because I live in my tile life

  8. fun fact mute the audio and the jumpscare will be 10x less scary


  10. What the neck is that creature that looks like boyfriend at 0:23

  11. That Huggy wuggy jumpscare is from poppy playtime not from fnf

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