The Best Jumpscares in FNF - Friday Night Funkin -

The Best Jumpscares in FNF – Friday Night Funkin

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– vs Sonic:
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– vs Madness Combat:
– Vs Five Nights at Treasure Island:
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  1. jeff's jumpscare isn't scary:(

  2. Jeff the killer jumpscare was the scariest 0-o

  3. Five nights at treasure island is the best mod in my opinion

  4. 3:11 That's not from FNF. That's from Poppy's Playtime. You can't just stick the fanmade mod track over it and call it day, dude.

  5. 0:23 – I love that when BF gets hit by the heart, GF gets mad XD

  6. I can say that none of these were scary, but pretty sure if I didn't know they were coming, they would've been a lot scarier

  7. Mannn, we knew already zardy

  8. Warning the jump scares was not scary can you stop making this

  9. Whitty this one is super creepy Whitty so you me be scared Pico Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Whitty was that mickey mouse!? Pico his jumpsaerse creepy me out😱😱😱

  11. Huggy Wuggy: Why My Jumpscare is Not in FNF?

  12. The song of monika is the song of monochrome (hypno lullaby)

  13. Being a security guard at night is so scary

  14. maria luzetdfyeef7fefye66r ponce huanca says:


  15. I’m going full screen
    Wish me luck!

  16. haha jeff the killer jumpscare so funny 😂😂😂

  17. U son of a cow u almost killed me with the jeff jumpscare

  18. I'enn and d'água 🤕 nf'sw

  19. fun fact : her jumpscare is actually in the doki doki takeover 1:16

    theres a 0.5 chance of her jumpscaring you when you die to her in the song epiphany

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