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“STRESS” but Every Turn Another Character Sing It – Friday Night Funkin Animation

Fera Animations
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  1. Fera: sweats how did you get here morons….?

  2. no entiendo nada por qué haces estos vídeos no te entiendo Yenem o por qué por qué por qué por qué no te entiendo no te entiendo las palabras que dices es que no se ha producido creo que lo vais a entender😓😓😓😓😓😓🤫🤫🤫

  3. Wouldnt have garcello won since he doesnt need a floor

  4. Never knew ghosts could punch people or get punched
    But can’t get shot by a canon ball??? Garcello stop breaking the laws of physics

  5. I love sky I hate how she gets punched by gf

  6. Girlfriend beated sky because the mouse was boyfriend brother from other game

  7. Whitty: let kapi and ritz fight for it can be Tom and jerry
    Boyfriend: why beep

  8. fera i love the fact that gf syas dont talk to me im gonna crush you

  9. Fera can you not free for all also stop abusing us

  10. I just hear Pico say DAMNIT every time he speaks for some reason

  11. Gercello would win because he's a ghost

  12. ดากานดา มูลตรีศรี says:

    Everybody SING IT!!!!

  13. 해피트리프렌즈에나오는 살인 바이러스랑같아

  14. What ritz join, we not user ritz of fnf?

  15. tv- do you feel capable of EXPLOITING your talent? white- I explode a lot

  16. Stacking the thermos is the best idea XD XD XD

  17. Is good but there is not the song of stress

  18. Why do I feel like whitty and garcello were working together?

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