SONIC.EXE IS BACK - Friday Night Funkin' Sonic.exe Mod Update 2 Showcase (RetroSpecter Reaction) -

SONIC.EXE IS BACK – Friday Night Funkin’ Sonic.exe Mod Update 2 Showcase (RetroSpecter Reaction)

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This update was really good. I already liked the sonic.exe mod, but this definitely put it in my top 5 favorite mods. Play the mod for yourself here:
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  1. 3:50

    i think the animation is bugged, but i think it isn't bugged when you don't miss the last note of your turn, he was supposed to say i'm gonna get you, i am god.

  2. Friendly reminder that BF and GF are canonically smooth brained, as confirmed by the devs, which is why they are both COMPLETELY FINE when facing off against Lemon Demon, and also explains why they both just give no hecks in this mod.

  3. You honestly think trick me into making a comment to boost the algorithm by telling me Type “Apple Pie” in the comments if I’m a gamer? Like that would ever work… WAIT-

  4. I had to set Volume Master at 350% to enjoy the music. The commentary is very good but please raise the music volume!

  5. apple pie
    The one seen in 31 13 is EXE, a take on sonic.exe by the director of the mod, Revie. It's distinguishable by the grey in its second form, the blue arms, and lack of stripes on the shoes.

  6. That's odd. Why was Sonic.exe's laugh and "I am god" quote in the first song cut off?

  7. I find it funny how the game devs thought they could chart the notes harder that ectospasm

  8. 3d Boyfriend with a low quality face
    Apple Pie.

  9. I’m more of a pumpkin pie typa guy, retro. Also damn tails doll went HARD

    Apple pie

  10. When he said “can you feel the sunshine”
    My heart almost exploded he’s the only one I’ve seen play this mod and get all of the references

  11. What the hell is that potato coming out of eggman’s face and eyes?

  12. I'd like a cycles remix.. though any of these songs getting a remix would be awesome

  13. We really need a descriptions abt not-normal-notes(like retro mod's poison/specter notes) lol
    Also apple pie

  14. Lot of creepypasta mods showing up and booming lately, is it because of spooky month or was it something else?

    Apple pie btw

  15. glad to see im not the only person who loved this mode
    also pie of the apple variety

  16. Beautiful mod, beautiful gameplay, its just- mwah sweet as Apple Pie. Chefs kiss.

  17. Y'know, It's so sad that neither the Tails Doll nor Triple Trouble Tails have mouths. How will they ever enjoy the apple pie?

  18. It would be [fun] if ya remix endless, but triple trouble can go also

  19. Something something apple pie something something best letter is 7

  20. I like how retro said hello to knuckles the horrifying fighter

  21. “Oh, Damn GF”
    -Basically every apple pie in faker act 1

  22. There is a chemical plant reference in the song

  23. that one majin sonic in the background not pointing his finger up lol

  24. Man I love some good ole apple pie to go along with my creepy pasta music

  25. Thumbnail Be Like:
    Sonic.Exe: (Kefca Laugh) WE HAVE DEFEATED U!
    Retro: 💀

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