SONIC.EXE IS BACK - Friday Night Funkin' Sonic.exe Mod Update 2 Showcase (RetroSpecter Reaction) -

SONIC.EXE IS BACK – Friday Night Funkin’ Sonic.exe Mod Update 2 Showcase (RetroSpecter Reaction)

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This update was really good. I already liked the sonic.exe mod, but this definitely put it in my top 5 favorite mods. Play the mod for yourself here:
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  1. I would not at all be opposed to a sonic remix month. These songs are just SO GOOD.

    also apple pie

  2. Ayo apple pie sounds good right about now

  3. Still waiting an endless remix from retro guys

  4. apple pie is amazing, thank you retrospecter

  5. retrospecter ur so kewl try out the pibby finn and jake and im a kid this is just my aunts ipad

  6. Whenever he says so spooky skid and pump come saying it's the spooky month

  7. Please I need a chaos remix with bf super voicelines

  8. Hey you know that the chaos song is based off of the fleetway comics

  9. so for those of you who don't know here: 3:51 sonic is saying "I'm gonna get ya! I AM GOD!" But if you miss a note around that part the audio gets muted and it just looks like hes opening his mouth to threaten bf

    Apple pie

  10. Theres some things I like about this new endless, but something about the original sounds amazing as well. I want to mash both together if I knew how

    also apple pie ;]

  11. Fleetway Sonic is evil super sonic first shown in the comics

  12. There's a really hight quality mod coming out soon and I want you to play it. its the "vs isaac" mod and the teasers so far look fantastic so to anyone seeing this comment go check out RxB, his work is amazing. So retro, keep an eye out

  13. The fact he never noticed that the clear notes is what's causing the health drain awes me. Or maybe the apple pie was

  14. I like the inclusion of Fleetway Super Sonic

  15. I think I can beat retro in 1v1 apple pie bois

  16. 31:00 yooooo Fleetway Super Sonic?
    This mod was already amazing, I didn't think it could get better!

  17. Apple pie.

    Y'know, I haven't had apple pie in a while…

    This mod is absolutely top-class stuff.

  18. Triple trouble in the tails part has a reference to chemical plant, and the knuckles part has a reference to a sonic adventure song I think, and the sonic parts have references to endless and the song that plays when you're drowning, too There are the Bosses references from sonic 2 and sonic 3 I believe in the eggman part, that's all I could notice

  19. ►Sakuroma plushies going away in 2 weeks! Buy here:

    Apologies for the keyboard ASMR throughout this video. My settings weren't different from when I stream so I'm not sure what happened but I'll look into it.
    What song do you want me to remix next?

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