Skibidi Toilet vs BF But it's ANIME! | Friday Night Funkin' ANIMATION -

Skibidi Toilet vs BF But it’s ANIME! | Friday Night Funkin’ ANIMATION

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Skibidi toilet Fights BF Friday Night Funkin’ VS Skibidi Toilet

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  1. Ben 10 force alien vs rainbow friends

  2. Wi you ever do a bf vs chara megalo strick back

  3. Why do you have to start this off with him taking a whiz?

  4. Why did you have such a long neck?

  5. Skibytoilet should not have a legs

  6. Where is poppy playtime an rainbow friends vs Bam Bam

  7. 1:01 why the hell does gf look like Vegeta. Why. W h y .

  8. Oh no, I had a nightmare today about this video and it scared the crap out me 😢☠️

  9. Teletubbis vs garten of banban ……walten vs red

  10. так жду продолжение надеюсь что парень победит скебиди туалета и вообще не удивлюсь если ещё потом будут камеро мены 0:55 ну кадр с девушкой без комментариев топ однозначна все до встречи увидимся в следующем видео

  11. I had this on when my parents were in the other room so they saw bf peeing..

  12. My boyy went hard on this one salute to my boyy polll💞💞💞💕

  13. cómo pero sino tienen brazos ni piernas

  14. This is an amazing animation pol now im scared to use a toilet💀💖💖

  15. Cool animation, interesting battle story, but who in the world has a twisted mind on creating a toilet monster character like that? 😰 Seeing him makes me sick.🤮

  16. I missed this type of animation, it's good to see boyfriend again, you will do a second part because if you do it would be great 😍😎👍😘😁❤

  17. I didn’t expect that Pol just make us see BF peeing Bruh!

  18. Me gusto el video, siempre haces los mejores videos.

  19. 'es un esquibidi toliet casi normal y tanto le cuesta a boifred matarlo ahora imaginate los especiales 💀

  20. derick gc meme derick bolsonarista💙💚 says:

    Faz garten of banban vs rainbow friends poppy playtime anime

  21. he needs to do one of the trellege case file the final song

  22. Tip:boyfriend you can flush him…

  23. the animation has been back after 2 years ago

  24. Maybe in the next video gf will help bf fight

  25. This man cannot use the bathroom in peace ever

  26. I'm counting this as my birthday gift. And it's good

  27. Wow so cool he strong devil feeling your heart nice best killer all power monsters 😏😂🤔😎😱😥😈👹💙❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹✌️🤘👍💪🏙

  28. Yo confieso que no sigo y no veo los videos de la cabeza en el bater, porque los considero ridículos y sin sentido, pero con esta animación si que parecen épicos👍👍

  29. Bro bf is so weak in that universe, cant just defeat 1…

  30. This animation is amazing, I really like your animations. You are amazing Pol

  31. Thank you bro❤❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉😊😊

  32. Wow animation is very good but is have part 2 ?

  33. We can kill more easily by flushing =)))

  34. BoyFriend : Peeing
    Skibidi : grrr hey why you peeing my toilet!
    BoyFriend : Trying To Kill Him
    Skibidi : Bro Why😢

  35. Bf: (casually fighting skibidi toilet thinking it’s tough)

    Cameraman:(got a 7 kill streak with just a plunger)

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