Set-Me-Free But It's Phantasm (Friday Night Funkin' Chaos Nightmare [Playable Mod] ) -

Set-Me-Free But It’s Phantasm (Friday Night Funkin’ Chaos Nightmare [Playable Mod] )

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@_Mr-Saturn_ Flm
@headdzo Composor
This Gameplay Was Recorded by one of my friend but she didn’t want to show and i understand have a nice day.

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Original Mod :
The Lost Files :

Mod Used :
Chaos Nightmare :

(Lost My Mind + Breaking Point) By ‎@tabifan1178 Sonic Assets (Get-Out-Of-My-Head) :

Chromatics Used :
TheGlitchyWill Sonic Chromatic/Soundfont Pack :
(Sound Get Out Of My Head)



  1. This is epic. I never heard of the original song but this is so good. Good job

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