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Rhythm Game Veteran vs. Doki Doki Takeover! (Friday Night Funkin’ Mods)

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The first week of this mod was incredible when it came out, and the full mod lives up to the hype. Incredible mod!

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Want to try FnF for yourself? Check it out here:

Check out the mod here:

Mini SDVX controller was purchased from here:

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  1. Natsuki is trash, thanks for saying it. Yuri is best too? You out here SPITTIN facts.

  2. The one mod you haven't played with that one Yuri song is called Friday Night Fever. It is like the 2nd or 3rd week if I am correct

  3. Bro that Natsuki song in the festival was Beethoven from kapi 😀

  4. Why they all got the same got damn shoes

  5. you should play the HH (haunted house) Mod, Its reaaallllyyyy good

  6. The story with the monster that she said is the Caesar fever mod

  7. At the last song
    Monika is like clicking on the eyes
    Probably because she want YOU to click on it?

  8. 46:44 funnily enough, both songs (It's Complicated remix and SugarRush) are composed by the same guy, Stardust Tunes

  9. "idk man i do love me some yuri" – woops 11/18/21

  10. Try fnf vs Herobrine dam cool songs

  11. I’m waiting for the Dave and Bambi mod for you to play.
    As well as disruption and applecore (fanmade dave and Bambi songs)

  12. 41:16 is everybody gonna ignore the SpongeBob music sample they snuck in?

  13. I recently quit FNF but this mod is too perfect the songs arn't just hard for just the sake of being hard I love it I may give FNF one more try

  14. my only question, why pick on the most sane of them all?

  15. I agree with woops that Yuri is best girl and that Natsuki is… well she's Natsuki.

  16. The first natsuki song reminds me of pixel galaxy for some reason

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