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RAP BATTLE to FUNK my GIRLFRIEND… (Friday Night Funkin’)

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Friday night Funkin’ has you defend your relationship with your Girlfriend from the likes of her Evil Dad and Mom with rap battles! We need to show her parents how capable we are of taking care of their daughter and how good we can funk with her… If we can best them by rap battling, we will get to Funk our Girlfriend on a Friday Night whenever we want! We go through the Friday Night Funkin’ Story Mode and take on the Week 1, 2, 3, and 4. It’s basically a music rhythm game like DDR, press the arrow when arrow over the other arrow…

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  1. oml i was pressing WASD trying to play and i was like: WAT HAPPENING!!

  2. This video just hit 90,000 views!!!!!!!!!! view exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. oh honey ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    you grew up so much 🐸

  4. mairusu reads his comments so he will reply to this

  5. Wait this is the video that you first time playing fnf?

  6. So this is where the milking started?

  7. This Is The Start Where The Man , This Man Is Gonna Get Addicted With This Game And Mods…

  8. A few months later, he would become a funky friday night funkin pro

  9. Its slow because your on easy not hard or normal mode your on easy mode

  10. он нубас коли я незнав как играть в фрайдей найт фанкин я посмотрел и я став про

  11. Don’t worry I died at the tutorial and week 1.

  12. Mariusu: Plays a newgrounds game after a long time

    “I feel 3 again”
    Me: I’m concerned as too what you found

  13. Ahhhhhhhh the old times where you were worse than me.

  14. Yes its sr pelo. Spooky month skid n pump

  15. Stfu his name is pico if you listen to how you pronouce it. Its in the beggining of the song “pico”

  16. Boyfriend has an actual name is real name is keye

  17. Marisu: Let's just jump from week 1 to week 4
    Boyfriend: *fears for blue orbs*

  18. Sr. Pelo was the one who made the Spooky dance DUH

  19. No there are cononscly boyfriend and girlfriend

  20. I came here from his new vid with spuny.exe and man it's been soo long and Friday night funkin has come so far man it makes me cry sometimes lol

  21. You ( a beginner to fnf at this time) had to choose what week to play on *hard*, you do THE HARDEST WEEK AT THE TIME week 4. Pay we have a f in the chat along side a R.I.P

  22. Mairusu: are they scaring my girl
    Me: it's the lighting

  23. Fun fact:girlfriend is a demon also he scared of lightning

  24. I know what girlfriends real name is her name is Rosa

  25. Seeing this guy miss the notes on the first week and now seeing him on all the super hard mods is amazing.

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