Photosynthetic - Friday Night Funkin': Immunus Showdown OST -

Photosynthetic – Friday Night Funkin’: Immunus Showdown OST

Mike Geno
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Hey y’all! This is one of the songs I did last year for an FNF mod recently got cancelled sadly. I hope you guys like it!
Thumbnail and Background: @sakaruchibi

Mod link:

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  1. Hey mike if you take requests I was wondering if you could do scuffle but skid and pump sing it like you did spectral spat?

  2. You and the people who helped did a really good job on this!!

  3. Why could i see rouge and knuckles from sonic singing this???

  4. Mike can I make an FNF mod with the MFM characters in it please?

  5. Creo que no hablas español ,pero cuando tenga sepa manejar mejor el inglés creo que necesitaré tu ayuda Good video bro …

  6. I know this have nothing to do with the video ( which I love ) but I have to ask the Geno in Miko Geno came from Geno Sans and that explains the eye comparison? I am just ask ya’ll don’t have to answer

  7. Why must the best stuff be cancelled bro💀💀💀

  8. i didnt think it would sound this good! good job Mike 😀

  9. Hey I was wondering if we could add mid fight masses for 4 roblox fnf games called fnf Multiverse project Nightfall funky Night mania and blox'

  10. I love your music I even have a couple on my playlist

  11. Well shit, another cancelled FNF mod. That sucks, but good job on the song, though. Keep composing the best songs you've ever made in your lifetime. ❤

  12. Been a pleasure workin' with you Mike Geno 🫡

  13. damn, shame it was cancelled, but at least you were able to preserve this banging song you made, thanks for sharing i love it. another mike geno masterpiece

  14. bro it’s always the rarest diamonds i the rough, or shiniest pieces of coal that gets cancelled.

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