PghLFilms Plays the Entirety of VS Impostor V4 in Friday Night Funkin' -

PghLFilms Plays the Entirety of VS Impostor V4 in Friday Night Funkin’

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Wow, a lot longer than it should. Bravo. Enjoy the video. 🙂

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  1. Hey pghlfilms is there supposed to be a random japanese video in your piggy rp film playlist?

  2. I just realised the hand that voted grey(The grown-up) look like the Black imposter is hand

  3. I was play friday funkin there's 2 more SECRET mode idk what its…

  4. pghlfilms: "that's Toby Fox…… he sounds familiar." Me : X_X

  5. Took me 3 days to finish the video.

    Epic video.

  6. One of the best fnf mods ever. Congrats to the dev team! masterpiece title achieved

  7. I like the reworked songs so much more. They are bigger bangers than the guns they weld.

  8. My theory: green turned into a monster because of the radiation from the blast and his imposter gene's mixing together same thing with maroon expect with very high heat levels which explains why he had lava in his body and red-ish person transformed from pure emotion

  9. 55:16

    Thats greys father, not white 🙂
    but greys week is after defeat so theres no way to know i suppose

  10. Also why did the green imposter monster look HD

  11. We were blessed with a master piece in this year.

  12. The thumbnail looks like he is dodging Black’s tongue with no affect

    Bro yellow be slick

  13. i like bf in a gas mask idk how he well get air fom it

  14. well it sure has been a LONG time since i've last seen you play an FNF mod

  15. What's this "sound" he keeps hearing that's annoying him???

  16. Hey this sounds familiar…LULLABY MOD!

  17. He can shape-shifting so that's why he's a demon in the last song of green

  18. You know the guy with the golden chain his name is Reginald copperbottom

  19. Something is off about black at the background of boo's Halloween his visor is different than the one crewmates

  20. I reccomend being 100% while watching this video (if your mobile

  21. When I see grey in the background in the pink week I was like
    Me:so I see grey this is not gonna go well
    Later… Starting chaos
    Me:yup I knew it

  22. Who watch the whole video without skipping

    👇 noice

  23. ✎ツ𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚛𝚕𝚘𝚝𝚝𝚎ツ✎ says:

    55:17 That probably- PROBABLY not white- yeah u

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