PghLFilms Plays Indie Cross in Friday Night Funkin' -

PghLFilms Plays Indie Cross in Friday Night Funkin’

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3 indie horror mods all at once? Sweet. Enjoy the video. 🙂

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  1. Cuphead's song sound like Mid-Fight Masses since it's made by the same guy that did the music (Mike Geno)

  2. Bendy cardboard cut outs never stop and they never will

  3. My guy is a god at clicking
    I think his finger are dead

  4. bruh was i the only one who knew that "Snake Eyes" was made by Mike Geno? (which made the vocals and music for mid fight masses)

  5. Cuphead is my fav, but his voice sounds like he hasn’t drink nothing when he started rapping

  6. Pghlfilms clearly hasn't played batim (bendy and the ink machine)

  7. lol in closed captions bendy the ink machine is bending an egg machine

  8. 5:03 if you didnt know thats a roses refrence (week 6 in origonal game)

  9. sansational kinda sounds like roses from week 6 ngl

  10. 1 combo break on the bendy track,this man is a god

  11. Thanks PGHfilms for playing my mod and my friends helping me with this demo thx for playing we spent a hard time making it

  12. An underrated mechanic here is that the camera shift NOT randomly, but in the direction of the note played.

  13. Pghlfims can you tell the Creatorto make more because this was really cool

  14. I love this so much i love all of them!😄😁

  15. 3:40 pghlfilms unlocks ultra instinct and subcontiously dodges bones

  16. When Bendy Is Lookin in the camera hes like Ooh Some People

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