NEW Wednesday's Infidelity Remix Reskin Week | Friday Night Funkin' -

NEW Wednesday’s Infidelity Remix Reskin Week | Friday Night Funkin’

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Friday Night Funkin’ Wednesday’s Infidelity Remix week showcase!
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Vs New Mickey Timestamps:
00:00 – Preview
00:08 – Intro
00:16 – Wistfulness song remix
02:03 – Dejection song remix
03:15 – Unused sprites
04:41 – Unknown Suffering V4 song remix
06:05 – Memories
06:30 – Finale
07:56 – Outro

GusDeGreat – Composer and did the charting for song
MR.Bruh4321 – Coder for song
Deetiel35 – Made unused sprites
Zero – Artist for sprites
WI Team – The original mod

Friday Night Funkin’ game:

#FnF #VsMickey #WednesdayInfidelity


  1. Red Mist Squidward[Doomward Q.Tentecles] says:

    This is just amazing 💙

  2. Remember Wednesday's Infidelity but Bad? Glad to see the internet appreciates how good it is.

  3. I dont have any words!That is so cool! I love it!

  4. The Fatal Error Universe Official Soundtracks says:

    Remember when this was popular lol.

  5. Korbyn Dallas The. sloth king angel. artist says:

    Week. By @GusDeGreat

  6. my favorite video is the fnf vs Mickey mouse unknown once

  7. Hi you are so good and nice edit 🙂 and better then me

  8. I love your mods Mickey mouse Thinks for your mods👍👍

  9. Wow this is cool v2 remixes and reskin cool. 100/100.

  10. it'd be cool if during unknown suffering, mickey's notes were insanely fast, but yours were normal speed

  11. That "Wistfulness" is the best version I've ever seen.

  12. Guz does every amazing thing, you don't even know.

  13. Holy moly, thanks so much for playing my mod!

  14. Thinking Of Making a lyrics Cover for either just one song, or the whole week🤔

  15. In dejection he still had some control bc his eyes aren’t white but in unkown suffering he lost his sanity

  16. I like how the unknown suffering song also has the old spirtes which is pretty cool and the sprites altogether is so smooth, this is an awesome remix reskin ❤👍

  17. The gun in his hand is bad ending good ending is prob like Minnie joins in and he cools down as the songs ends too cd or bc tells him the full story about Minnie and the neighbor

  18. A cool remix, on the one hand, it would be possible to make a version with words, on the other hand … I'm still learning how to create scripts for these songs, and I'm not in a hurry with conclusions. Plus, I not only do this, but also train my hand in order to make art for songs, which sometimes give me personal ideas for animations (for example, Juno's songs, I was so inspired that animations like souls themselves began to "fly in my head" , and not only). All in all a good remix…

  19. This mod if full if aweosmen ficing shitnive never seen before ❤

  20. why you end the video before the final part of unknown suffering? it was so epic

  21. I am beyond glad that the older WI's song is getting attention. Specifically Wistfulness. Always glad to see new content Ryz, Always look forward to your uploads

  22. el mod de miércoles de infelidad fue cancelado eso lo sé porque ví un vídeo de yelion

  23. I am not a big fan of the unknown suffering remix, doesn’t sound as intense as the original one, it’s good don’t get me wrong i just prefer the original one

  24. Unknown Suffering sounds so amazing

  25. hopefully CommunityGame plays it too! this mod is Amazing

  26. Que chulada Bro me a encantado

  27. my song favorite is dejection subcribe a Ryzzon

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