Monster but everytime it is the Opponent's turn the mod changes - Friday Night Funkin' -

Monster but everytime it is the Opponent’s turn the mod changes – Friday Night Funkin’

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Friday Night Funkin’ – Monster but everytime it is the Opponent’s turn the mod changes

Monster (UTAU Cover):

Mods Used:
Pumpkin Pie:
Depressed Demon:
Photoshop Monster:
Photoshopped Boyfriend:
Photoshop Girlfriend:
Corrupted Lemon:
Little Lemon:
Human Lemon Demon:
Sad BF:
Super Paper Mario:
Lemon Demon over Girlfriend:
Fun-Sized Monster:
Lemon’s sister:
FNF Clay Mod:
GenderSwap GF over BF:
Friday night funkin, but bad:
Friday Night Funkin’ Minus:
Friday Night Funkin HD:
FNF Neon 3.0:
FNF D-Sides:


  1. Yay Monster! Also these skins are very cool. Except the human one and the Utau one.

  2. Therapist: "realistic lemon demon, realistic gf and realistic bf can't hurt u.". Realistic lemon demon and gf and bf: 1:08

  3. O que merda do Mário ta i

  4. 1-gender swap
    4-but bad

  5. In the comments of fnf there is always a weird gachatuber (change my mind)

  6. whats the skin pack where they are all girls

  7. Go back to making Geometry dash vids 🙁

  8. Girlfriend is the first to speak English in fnf with second being Monster and third being pico and fourth being senpai and fifth being spirit and sixth being tankman

  9. Skin mods in order (Original is at 0:00)
    0:16 Corrupted Lemon (NOT Corruption mod, don't get it confused.) ft. MizanPloz's Genderswap BF + GF
    0:26 Minus
    0:36 HD
    0:47 But bad
    0:56 Human Monster ft. Tall BF + GF
    1:05 Photoshopped/Realistic
    1:14 Neo
    1:25 Super Paper Mario
    1:29 Small (Warning: Super cute)
    1:33 Pulp/Pumpkin Pie
    1:37 B3 Remixed
    1:40 Clay
    1:44 Lemon Sister ft. Volatilemask's Genderswap GF + BF
    1:49 I AIn't Got No iPhone/Depressed Monster ft. Sad BF
    2:00 Pulpon (Obvious fact: he's from Pumpkin Pie mod) ft. Monster over BF and GF
    2:16 UTAU
    2:24 D-Side
    2:32 Corrupted Lemon again
    2:40 Minus again
    2:49 Depressed Monster again

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  15. Чючила не нормально

  16. Nostalgia actually hits hard hearing this song again.

  17. HDPico(挑戰500訂閱中,請訂閱) says:

    This is so cool!!?

  18. ОтельевиЧ ПрикалбасиH says:

    0:56 he so cute lemon 🥺🥺🥺💖💖💖

  19. 1:49 monster ain't got no iphone 😔

    Edit:if you dont get it that's the skin from the "Lemon demon got no iphone" mod lol

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