Mods I Want In Monday Morning Misery (Friday Night Funkin’) -

Mods I Want In Monday Morning Misery (Friday Night Funkin’)

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Mods I Want In Monday Morning Misery (Friday Night Funkin’)
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00:00 Wednesday Infidelity

00:10 DNB

00:20 Indie Cross


  1. The mods that I really wanted in MMM
    1.Fnf lost my mind sonic vs xain full week
    2.big engine brawl
    3.sonic.err 1.8
    4.battle for corrupted island
    5.doraemon long day
    6.updated selever 2.1
    7.Friday night perfectin
    8.Update dorkly sonic
    9.update doki doki takeover plus
    10.sonic pajero
    11.confronting yourself (rings of despair)
    12.vs void ordinary too slow cover mod
    14.Update sad mouse.avi
    15.exospheric corruption
    16.Hortas edition
    17.Nightmare of the mushroom kingdom
    18.vs rewrite
    19.Vs just monika
    20.Glitch legends 1.5/2.0
    21.vs santiago
    22.dragon ball z parody mod
    23.vocal catastrophe
    24.Tom basement show 1.75
    25.VS sonic.omt
    26.vs krusty karoling
    27.darkness takeover
    28.gacha club horror
    29.hit single real
    30.The excutable extourage/vs omnipresent V2.0

  2. Uhmmm, these are the mods I want to see:
    1.Impostor V5
    3.B-Sides Redux
    5.Pibby Apocalypse
    6.Corruption Reimagined
    7.Holofunk 6.0.0.
    8.Wednesday Infidelity V2
    9.Pluto's Reprisal
    10.Angelic Atrocities
    11.Animation VS FNF
    12.Arcade Showdown/Kapi V2
    13.Rosie V1 and V2
    14.Monk (Monika but bad)
    15.Sayori's Notebook V5.1
    16.Steven Universe minimod
    17.X Event
    18.Starlight Mayhem V2
    19.Void V2
    20.Fever Town
    21.Mind Games
    22.Flavor Rave
    23.Late Night City Tales
    24.DDTO Bad Ending
    26.Hotline 024
    28.Hex V2
    29.Funkin' Aside
    30.Friday Night Vibin'
    32.Holiday V2
    33.QT (Interlope song)

    If it's a final update then it has to at least have most mods and with banger songs.

  3. Pibby apocalypse Pibby survivor and corrupted bf hills of the corruption

  4. I Want Sonic.Exe v2 With No Sally And Have Xeno And Lord X With Duo And Add Full Song Oh Yeah One Last Think We Want Impostor v4 Yeah That What I Want Thanks.

  5. Addon dave and bambi golden Apple 1.5 leaked build

  6. My mods: vs Mouse, vs Mario, Mario’s Monday night massacre, Funkin at Freddy’s and vs Cartoon cat

  7. please hopefully add illegal instruction v2 it's a little talked about mod that I like

  8. fnf darkness takeover with aftermath

  9. vs documic, tails get trolled v4, fnf scarlet melopeia, ski sings for you, fnf broken moon

  10. As my own choices I would say…

    Doki Doki Takeover (Vs Monika Update)
    Imposter V4 (50/50 chance cuz it's a lot of stuff)
    Nonsense V2
    Tails.exe V2
    Tails Got Trolled V4 (or v3 minimum)
    Vs Chara 2.0
    Hazy River (Garcello & Annie Update)
    Chaos Nightmare Update (Phantom Attack & Below The Depths)
    Vs Shaggy (more 4k songs update)
    Starlight Mayhem Rebooted (maybe, maybe not)
    B-Side Redux
    Vs Sunday
    D-Sides 3.0
    Seek's Cool Deltarune Mod
    Mario FNF Port (a lot of banger songs)
    Sonic Megadrive Madness/SMB Funk Mix
    Hotline 024
    ——–NEW (smol mods)——–
    Vs Yourself (Eye to Eye version)
    Sonic Lock-On V1
    Shaggy's Thoughts
    Nevada's Most Wanted DEMO (becuz I like this version of White Hank)
    FNF: The Lost Files

    At least I want the updated ones.

  11. Pibby apocalypse, Wednesday infidelity V2, Friday night fever frenzy, D-Sides V3, Imposter V4, Gamebreaker, Exe Mania and Funk space, I will non stop play this game if they added at least 3 of these!!

  12. I personally want Dave And Bambi 3.0, Pibby Apocalypse And OF COURSE IMPOSTOR V4

  13. I have a pretty wild list of mods i want but here we go.

    Mods i want:
    Illegal Instruction V2 Cancelled Build.
    Speed.GIF V2
    Black Betrayal Blackout.
    Pibby Apocalypse.
    Tails.exe v2
    Vs Sonic.ERR
    D Side 3.0
    Indie Cross.
    Marios Monday Night Massacre

  14. The update will be either in November or December
    So said the creator
    I learned this from Chaotix
    But this is the latest update(

  15. Thomas Railway Show Big Engines Brawl Sodor Funkin Sprites Pasta Night DSide 3.0 Dnb 3.0 Exe Hell Reborn And Mario Rebooted

  16. Mods I want: Sonic Dimensional Funkin, Indie Cross, Funkin Ball Z, Imposter V4, Bluey Mod, Mario Mod (we just need one normal mario mod..) and D-Sides

  17. Darkness Takeover should be there

  18. I want Boyfriend Funkin’ Punch, it’s really underrated, or at least Vs SpongeBob Parodies, and maybe even The Golden ONE

  19. I want DNB 3.0, Imposter v4, yoylecake central, indie cross

  20. We need Doki Doki Takeover Plus Update! Dave And Bambi V3, Hotline 024, Nonsense V2, Hazy River, D-Side, Impostor V4, Funkin at Freddy, Wedensday Infidelity V2, Holofunk, Retrospecter, Online Update, Indie Cross, CN Takeover, Wimpy UPDATE, Arcade Showdown – Kapi V2, Tails Gets Trolled Update!, Tails EXE V2, Void V2, Mind Games Mod, B3 Remixed, B-Side Update, VS Hex Update, Regular Friday Night,FNF Neo, Friday Night At The Pizza Tower, Lofi Funkin, Miku Mod without copyright songs, Starlight Mayhem Update, Vs Sunday, The Date Week, VS Chara Update, Soft, Matt Wiik 3 update, Starcatcher, KOU, Maginage Matches, vs Steve, Herobrine, Suoer Mario Bros. Funk Mix DX, Twinsomania, VS Sketchy Remastered, DDT Bad Ending, VS Cyrix, Tibes and Trimulations, The Basement Show,Sky Remanifested, Baldi Basics in Funkin, Madness Vandalization, Deep Sea Date, Got Heck'd, Graffiti Groovin, Cassette Girl, A Beautiful Day Outside, VS The Chosen One, VS Loki, VS Nermal, VS The Great Papyrus, Funkin Remized, VS Rosie, Dorkly Sonic Update, Friday Night Dashing, Plant's Night Funkin, VS Henry Stixkmin, Late Night City Tales, Seeks Cool Deltarune Mod, Starecrown, Atrocity, Retaken Sanity, Starving Artist, Funkin For Bikini Bottom, VS Red, VS Cheese, Peculiar Colours, Tux Trouble, Baby Blue Brother, VS Flexy, Cosno Calamity, etc.

  21. Am I the only one here who wants the omega mod in this game?

  22. We need d sides characters like mighty zip

  23. Yea pretty good idea but Dave and Bambi is kinda good I rather like if they add Nikki hotline mod

  24. I remembered some mods were banned- Oh wait, wrong game. Though, I really love how they made it look just like the 2D animations.

  25. Alright.

    5: DNB 3.0

    4(rlly isnt a mod just an update atleast) glitched faces for scorched

    3 W.I V2

    2: BFCI

    1: Spongebob parodies

    0 rlly doesnt count but imma do it anyway

    0: YoyleCake Central

  26. I want Wednesday infidelity, indie cross, Basment show, Among us v4 or v5, but i think this Mods will never get in MMM.
    this will be sad When no mod that i sayed com to MMM

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