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Minecraft BUT It’s Friday Night Funkin’!

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It’s time to throw down in this Minecraft, Friday Night Funkin’!
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  1. If he is that boy he has to be little aphmau

  2. Aphmau
    Make a vid about lost silver

  3. Does anyone want her to click so bad when she has her mouse on Peirce or ein holding a sword XD

  4. فؤادي الحوراني says:


  5. Friday night funkin, is amazing I love playing it I battled all of the characters

  6. ♣♣♣♥♥♥♠♠♠♠♦♦♦♣♣♥♥♥♥✖✖✖🕦🕚◀◀▶▶🔼🔼🔽▶◀◀▶🔼🔽↖◀🔼▶◀🔼🔼🔼▶▶▶🔼🔼▶▶🔼🔼🔼▶▶🔼🔼🔼▶◀⏪▶🔼▶▶▶▶▶▶▶⏩⏫⏫⏩⏩⏬⏬⏫⏩⏩⏩⏫⏫⏫⏩⏩⏩⏫⏫⏫⏫⏫⏪⏪⏪⏩⏩⏩⏩⏫🔼🔼▶▶▶▶◀◀▶▶▶▶▶▶◀◀▶◀◀◀▶⏪▶⏪▶◀↖◀🔼◀🔼▶🔼▶🔼⏩🔼⏩🔽⏩🔼⏩🔼⏪🔽⏪🔼↗↖↖↖↘↙↗↗↗↖↖↘↘↘↘↘↙↙↗↗↗↖↖↖↘↘↙↙🔼🔼▶▶⏩⏪⏩⏫⏫🔼🔼⏩⏩▶◀↖↘➡⬅⬅⬇⬇⬆▶▶🔼↘↘🔄⬇⬅▶➡⏪⬅↖⏪⬅⏩⬅⏩↖➡⏩➡⏩↖⬅⏩⬅↖⏩↖↖⬅↖➡↖➡⏩⬅↖⏩🔡🔽▶↙↖↘↖↙◀⏫⏩⏬⏪⏪↘↗↘⬇↘↗↘▶🔼◀🔼⏩🔼▶↘↖↘↗🔼◀⏫◀↘↗⬅↖🔼◀↘↘▶⬅▶➡▶➡▶↘▶⬅▶↘⏩↘⏩↘▶⬅↖⬅▶↙⏩🔽⏩↘⏩⬅▶↘⏩↘⏩⬅▶↙⏫⬅▶⬅▶➡⏩↘⏫⬅⏩⬅⏩⬇⏪⬇⏩⬅⏫↘⏫⬅⏫➡⏫↘⏩↘⏩🐻🐻🐻↖⬅↖⬅↗⬇↗⬇▶↘▶↘⏩↘⏩↘⏩↘▶⬅▶⬅▶⬅▶➡⏫↙⏫➡⏫🔼➡🔼↩↩↔↔↔↔↔↔🔼➡⬅▶⏩↘⬇▶⏩⬅⏬➡⬅⏫⏫⬅↖⏩⏩⬇⏩⬇⏫↘⬅⏫⏩⬇⏩⬇⏩⬇⬇⏪⏪⬇⏩⬇▶⬇▶⬇⏩⬅⏫⬅⏫⬅⏫⬅⏩⬅⏩⬅⏩⬇⏩⬇⏫⬅⏫⬅⏫⬅⏫➡⏫➡⏫⬅🔼⬅▶⬅▶⬅▶⬇◀⬇◀⬆▶⬇⏩⬇⏫⬅⏫➡➡⏬⏫➡⏩⬇⏩⬇⏩⬇⬇⏪⏩⬇⏩↘⏫⬅⏫⬅⏫➡⏫➡⏫⬅⏫⬅🔼⬅↘🔼🔼↘🔼↘🔼↘↙🔽🔽➡⬅🔼↙🔼➡🔼🔼⬅🔼⬅🔼↘↘🔼↘↘↖▶↘⏩⏩🔼⬅🔼↘🔼⏫🔼↖▶⬇⏪⬇⏩⬅⏫⬅🔼⬇⏩⬇▶⬇▶⬇

  7. Do you know that I can sound like the boyfriend beat Bobby Bobby Bob Papa Papa Papa Papa blah bebop bop bebop

  8. Of corse… ALL THE TIME THE BOYS TRY TO PRANK HER And i HATE it alot

  9. bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. Нандин-эрдэнэ Мөнхөө says:

    Wait what

  11. 😀🤩🤩😄 Sängerin genau du

  12. U vfjc. Yfe fvfvu g g g. S s. D d d ysuux

  13. What are you doing Friday night pumpkin in Minecraft how is kind of weird

  14. 🏍🚨🏎🎠🎡🎢🎠⛲️💒📱⌚️📲💻🖥⌨️🖨📟📞yhilkhddssefcddsjjkku,jr🍼🍯🥜

  15. I have a pet who is a good friend and I love your work so much so much for your help help help help help help 2

  16. i like your videos on YouTube 🤗😊☺️

  17. i not know this name is Friday night fun?

  18. This a modern version of those stupid little lizard and tiny turtle vidoes

  19. My sister loves the old videos more somehow😦

  20. Where do cows go for entertainment?

    To the moo-vies!

  21. Yes I love it I’ve been waiting for this video I was so excited

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