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Mickey mouse is back in friday night funkin and he’s VERY HAPPY

Bijuu Mike
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We’re back with one of the scariest Friday night funkin mods fnf vs Mickey Mouse then we play the very funny version Mokey mouse

VS Mickey –
Vs Stickman mod –
Mokey mouse –

edited by @Goncy


  1. on mickey mouse there a secret song look on freeplay

  2. Mike you missed the song smile that was at freeplay in vs Mickey mouse

    Ah Hyuck

  3. Mike went super Saiyan green against wrath soul level

  4. In the new update of the original Mickey Mouse mod there’s a secret song in free play

  5. Fun Fact: There was a new song called Smile in Freeplay

  6. Fun fact: in freeplay theres a secret song called ''smile''

  7. The second Song there's a Bunch of letter's coming in that though

  8. Well actually mickey's friends are dead by a monster and then in the end a thing came to mickey mouse's but and died :[

  9. Mokey fnf: oh boiiiii
    Bf: beep
    Mokey fnf: wohh
    Mokey fnf: who aer u
    Bf: boop
    Mokey fnf: akkkay i amm bom
    Mokey fnf: ohh:'( bap picks
    Mokey fnf: nnehahahaaa bicth
    Mokey fnf: RAPS
    CONTINUED Bruh among us😎😎😎

  10. In the third song he is screaming Bf to go away into hell to not encounter the fourth song

  11. Hey mike go back to the micky mouse mod then free play for the song smile

  12. There is a secret song in freeplay in
    Vs MOKEY and in the New mickey mouse content.

  13. go to free play you can see sercet it is smile

  14. You missed a song after you beat really happy you unlock a song called smile (go to free play)

  15. Boyfriend: beats micky mouse*

  16. PLAY the 4th song on the depressed Mikey mouse song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN FREEPLAY!!!!!!

  17. Atleast you could ACTUALLY do Mickey, me as soon as the hard part in supper happy hapens: 1,000.000 misses in total

  18. Day 52 of requesting a game called “Fears to fathom” (No pressure)

  19. Mike can you plat Matt deluxe? It's so easy like, SUPER EASY

  20. I like how he's shirt has ICHIRAKU RAMEN SHOP and that means that he's 99% Naruto fun xDDDD

  21. This one is for you, Mike

    a hyUck
    (Kill me- XD)

  22. I am a scrub please I want to be the comment shown on the video please

  23. You missed a secret song on sad micky mod

  24. Goofy and Donald are in a coma and Minnie Cheated on Mickey and Pluto die from old age

  25. Fun facts; Mickey is sad because Minnie cheated on him, Donald and goofy got into a fatal car accident and Pluto died of old age, he is alone and all he has is his fake smile to entertain his millions of fans

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