Making Gold from a Friday Night Funkin' Mod in Photoshop | Speed Edit | Lost Silver -

Making Gold from a Friday Night Funkin’ Mod in Photoshop | Speed Edit | Lost Silver

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  1. This does remind me of the walten files… just how its made

  2. Это прекрасно

  3. gold looks so realistic like in front of my face

  4. Can you make the Mount Silver version? it would be really cool to see how you would do the Frozen Gold details

  5. POVES BE LIKE: stop posting about among us FNF: the new imposter mod came out POVES: STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP

  6. The fact he added karen hair is more disturbing then the mod its self

  7. Gold got me like: "I'm alive but I'm dead"

  8. Nice video it's really the best video

  9. What would you do if you saw this, in the middle of the night, going out to get food
    A. Run
    B. Call 911
    C. Ask him who he is
    D. Try to kill it

  10. Can you draw sans from indie cross? Oh almost forgot HD of qold

  11. Oh my gawdddd he look so cute :0
    (He cute right?….RIGHT?)

  12. Alguien sabe como se llama el personaje que a editado? *mente*: van a decir no puta!

  13. I just subscribed to his channel
    And I know right

  14. Lol I like that video you have 999B awesome

  15. It looks so good men good job 👌👍

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