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M.I.L.F – Friday Night Funkin’ OST

Kawai Sprite
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Composed by Kawai Sprite:
From the game “Friday Night Funkin'”
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  1. Its funny how when this song first came out on the channel everyone was like "I can't beat this" but now everyone can beat it easily

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  3. this song is still a banger to this day

  4. The title is most intense lyrical fight not what you guys are talking about

  5. Bro I tried to look up this song without putting "FNF" ….and what popped up wasn't the song….and I am now tramatised

  6. 0:45
    I love this sound, like the calm before the storm.


  8. Kawai Sprite, even now, after all this time, this is one of the best fnf songs (the rest of the best ones are created by you too). I think even in 10 years no one will be able to surpass you.

  9. Pokemon M.I.L.F Battle Marastomp(Girlfriend) vs cmerupt(Daddy Meanest)

  10. I swear to god this song's been stuck on my mind for a time and I couldn't remember what it was until now

    very catchy btw

  11. And that's why, never mess with your GF's mom.

  12. Remember when this song was the most epic thing in the whole universe? It hasn't been 2 years and this already feels nostalgic, time really flies huh
    I'm not into the fandom anymore but for certain reasons, but this game gave me many beautiful moments and memories, the characters designs, the music, colorful scenery… so pretty, but idk exactly how did i got so attached to it
    It will alawys hold a very special place in my heart, can't imagine myself in some years remembering this and giving me nostalgia
    Thanks funky team, non toxic-community and moders

  13. When you can still recall the note placement after almost 6 months 💀

  14. Shame the girlfriend never puts her hands in the air

  15. This song and game got me into rhythm games and over my ex thanks Kawaii Sprite

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