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M.I.L.F – Friday Night Funkin’ OST

Kawai Sprite
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Composed by Kawai Sprite:
From the game “Friday Night Funkin'”
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  1. Been almost 2 years , and this is still my favorite friday night funkin music conting all the mods , thx kawaii sprite for that awsome ost

  2. This was the hardest until Roses came in on an equal level but then

    That thing came along [looking at ballistic’s jack staircase]

  3. 0:24 never gonna give you up-

    edit: i realized this the first time i played the last song on week 4, ig i wasnt the first lol

  4. crazy how there's just an amazing composer out here making some of the best music anywhere which you would never know about unless you played a niche flash game on newgrounds. this is amazing. kawai sprite is so good. first song i ever paid money for

  5. Anyone remember when this song was considered “impossible”? Now we have songs like Unfairness and Skill Issue

  6. I'm a Japanese Friday Night Funkin's fan.
    The gap between the song title and the fashionable tune is irresistible.
    I listen to it many times.

  7. Guys Milf isn't inappropriate. It means Mom, I love farting. Duh

  8. "Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down"

  9. I remember hearing the original song that inspired them to make this song, but I don't remember the name anymore ;-;;

  10. Ah, old times people used to like this because how banger it is

  11. Remember when people thought this was hard lol

  12. The fact it sounds like she callin bf a shorty 💀💀

  13. Damn i regret searching for this song by name i want to burn my eyes

  14. When I first started FNF last year it took me a month to master this song and now that I havent played in many months I have to get good at this shi again 💀

  15. This song is inspired by Mega Man Fully Charged Mega-nize me song.


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  18. marceline🖤& principessa gommosa💕 says:

    I really like this song and mine. favorite

  19. This hits hard if y'all know the meaning

  20. Fwjxwkejeckce Kfwkj2f3fj3ff3j Myles Fletchers'alt says:

    Remember when this was the hardest song in the game

  21. Don't even have a pc, found this through youtube, absolute 😷

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