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M.I.L.F – Friday Night Funkin’ OST

Kawai Sprite
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Composed by Kawai Sprite:
From the game “Friday Night Funkin'”
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  1. This game is dead now we haven’t gotten an update in nearly 2 years

    👆(the game)

  2. At 0:56, i swear that's the boyfriend saying "WAIT A MINUTE", because he realizes how hard the beat is about to drop.

  3. If you thought that the section of this song at 0:56 was terrifying. Try succeeding at every input in the HD mod, you can and may or may not die trying.

  4. This is basically the best song in the dang game

  5. After 2 years i never hate this game :')

    Best song ever

  6. I actually died to the dad more than her?

  7. The entire time I was playing on my own I had to fight the urge to move with the beat myself during the entire piece just so I could stay alive.

  8. this song sounds better if not for the

    Bone crack sounds
    Mic drop sounds
    Brain shining

  9. This is my favorite song out of any songs you made🎉🎉🎉🎉

  10. Remember when this used to be the hardest fnf song? Good times I tell ya

  11. If this is already nostalgic, imagine how nostalgic itll be in 10 yrs

  12. You guy still remember this song?

  13. I remember when we thought this was the hardest song ever.

  14. This song gets copyrighted now on every upload. Since Kawai composed it, how valid is that claim?

  15. Remember when this was the hardest song ever?

  16. I like the part where she go "op op op" or something

  17. I don’t know if Kawai Sprite still hearts/replies to comments, but if you see this, Kawai, am I allowed to use your song in a Geometry Dash level?

  18. 0:35 everyone talking about the Rick Astley but nobody mentioning "there's a place in France"

  19. I've been listening to this for days have not went to sleep

  20. I'm going to sing FNF songs to mock people when they say gibberish or something nonsensical

  21. am i the only one that has full comboed the song on hard mode 2nd try

  22. I can’t Unhear the reversed Version of this song

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