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M.exe Vs Sonic.exe with Cool Cutscenes – Nightmare of the Mushroom Kingdom | Friday Night Funkin’

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Friday Night Funkin’ Nightmare of The Mushroom Kingdom mod showcase!
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M vs Sonic Timestamps:
00:00 – Intro
00:02 – Credits
00:10 – Menu
00:20 – 1st Cutscene
02:30 – No more goodness song
05:48 – 2nd Cutscene
06:22 – You can’t jump song
07:20 – Pixel part
09:09 – Triple Trouble Cutscene
09:35 – Triple Treat
09:40 – Luigi Soul vs Tails Soul
11:24 – M.exe vs Xenophanes and Tails
11:51 – Peach vs Knuckles
13:37 – M.exe and Peach vs Xeno and Knuckles
14:30 – BowserExe vs Eggman
16:26 – Final Battle
18:08 – Ending Cutscene
18:26 – Outro

Mod by MagikarpLover80
JMcComerick – Created NOTMK, as well as the new art and music

Friday Night Funkin’ game:

#FnF #Sonic #MX


  1. The idea is cool but the songs sucks, the are a mix of the sonic.exe songs and thats obvius but out of tune and whit differemt notes

  2. Que genial la versión jugable de NOTMK 😎👍 pese a ser corta (solo teniendo la week principal) me divirtió mucho y la escena final me rei mucho 😆.

    PD: note un error. Ya que bowser y eggman no se escucha cuando se Rien. Ojalá lo arreglen.

  3. That was amazing you see all these beautiful cutscenes and then those amazing songs then BOOM png images for ending 😂

  4. I hate the fact that they just changed the vocals and chart of sonic.exe songs it just doesn't match up right

  5. fun fact: this s game was made on scratch! that's when the mod was released!
    glad that it got ported to the kaid engine!

  6. Okay, this mod has potential. But like, sonic and Mario's voices are kinda quiet in you can't jump, and also a few other things. Other than that this is very good

  7. the only song that was remotely listenable in this was no more goodness

  8. I find it charming how the souls never leave sonic.exe's side as if they are still there to fight even though the real reason is because their held there against their will

  9. Esta muy buena la música un 5/5 perfecto 😊

  10. IF Mario.exe was in sonic.exe’s world. Sonic.exe would win easily. Because Mario.exe needed an item to transform but sonic.exe doesn’t

  11. I like in trip treat it starts with m’s version and then goes to triple truble

  12. It was a neat idea and a cool concept, but I can't really give it more than a 5/10. The vocals were pretty bad and can barely be heard. A good example of that would be Knuckle's part, you could barely hear the man. The songs were pretty mid, triple threat was fine I guess, but the vocals were a hit or miss. The other two songs were…eh. The cutscenes though were great. They may not be the most refined, but they were fun to watch, and the ending was funny asf.

    One thing I heavily dislike was the amount of screen fading in and out during all the songs. Feels bad for anyone trying to FC the damn songs.

  13. the most anticipated fight for all sonic.exe goes Mario.exe the best fight

  14. Korbyn Dallas The. sloth king angel. arter says:

    The only thing I don't like is L.exe's sprites

  15. He/she/they really did a awesome job making this mod tho, I seen All of it.

  16. Music could use some work and bowser's chromatics are awful, but other than that everything looks amazing

  17. Mario exe singing the sonic drowning theme in his own song is kinda funny to me.

  18. The beats are good just that the vocals are atrocious

  19. 《FNF | VS M.exe vs S.exe with Cool Cutscenes – Nightmare of The Mushroom Kingdom V2 (Demo) Mod》

    Date:2023 year February 18th Saturday

    00:01 Intro

    00:03 Credits

    00:12 Menu

    00:25 1st Cutscenes

    02:53 vs 03:03 1) No more Goodness Song (M.exe New vs S.exe (Encore/New)

    05:52 2nd Cutscenes

    06:34 vs 06:38 2) YCJ Song (YCR New Encore Song) (M.exe New vs S.exe (Encore/New)

    07:22 vs 07:26 Pixel Part !!

    09:10 3rd Cutscenes (Triple Trouble Cutscenes)

    09:38 3) Triple Treat Song (Triple Trouble New Remix Song)

    09:39 vs 09:46 Luigi vs Tails (New)

    10:33 Luigi & Tails (New)

    11:27 vs 11:34 M.exe (New) vs Xeno (New) Act 1!!

    11:40 vs 11:41 M.exe & Luigi (New) vs Xeno (New)

    11:47 vs 11:48 M.exe (New) vs Xeno & Tails (New)

    11:52 vs 11:58 Peach vs Kk (New)

    12:32 Peach & Kk (New)

    13:40 vs 13:53 M.exe (New) vs Xeno (New) Act 2!!

    14:06 vs 14:19 M.exe & Peach (New) vs Xeno & Kk (New)

    14:31 vs 14:39 BW vs Eggman (New) parting 1!!

    14:43 vs 14:49 BW vs Eggman (New) parting 2!!

    15:31 BW & Eggman (New)

    16:28 vs 16:38 M.exe & BW (New) vs Xeno (New) Act 3!!

    16:52 vs 17:02 M.exe vs Xeno & Eggman (New)

    18:10 4th Cutscenes (Ending Cutscenes)

    18:29 Outro

  20. the exe before: we are not going to mother to death
    The exes now: no way touches rap battle

  21. Huggy plus and friends! The Creator Animate indc2! says:

    I like ending so funny

  22. is anyone not gonna comment that knuckles vocals are from another Mario mod I can't remember which one tho

  23. The souls sound needs remastered it is not great

  24. This remembers me to that badass animation about Mario.Exe Vs Sonic.Exe, really a good animation

  25. If they made this a four way fracture then it would be Majin helps xeno and a toad soul would help M.exe

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