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M.exe Vs Sonic.exe with Cool Cutscenes – Nightmare of the Mushroom Kingdom | Friday Night Funkin’

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Friday Night Funkin’ Nightmare of The Mushroom Kingdom mod showcase!
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M vs Sonic Timestamps:
00:00 – Intro
00:02 – Credits
00:10 – Menu
00:20 – 1st Cutscene
02:30 – No more goodness song
05:48 – 2nd Cutscene
06:22 – You can’t jump song
07:20 – Pixel part
09:09 – Triple Trouble Cutscene
09:35 – Triple Treat
09:40 – Luigi Soul vs Tails Soul
11:24 – M.exe vs Xenophanes and Tails
11:51 – Peach vs Knuckles
13:37 – M.exe and Peach vs Xeno and Knuckles
14:30 – BowserExe vs Eggman
16:26 – Final Battle
18:08 – Ending Cutscene
18:26 – Outro

Mod by MagikarpLover80
JMcComerick – Created NOTMK, as well as the new art and music

Friday Night Funkin’ game:

#FnF #Sonic #MX


  1. I like to imagine for the last section of Triple Threat, Eggman is there willingly to help Bowser regain some of his control like he (eggman) himself has. We see in Triple Trouble and in the fighters that Eggman has some of his own control over himself.

  2. You can't run is leagues better than You can't jump.

  3. Bowser and eggman part be like: silent laugh

  4. To be honest I think maro was holding back of murdering his victims because so far sonics victims has the most damage compared to marios victims

  5. The vocals could use some work but this is awesome

  6. Ending 1: plumber and hedgehog turn into what ever that was
    Ending 2: Xanthus has joined the fight

  7. is it me or in the first part of bowser, he sounded like math?

  8. in the second song it sounds like its still stage 1 xenos vocals not stage 2

  9. Did you know this was entirely made in Scratch at first?

  10. Well.. how to say that, the first is good but then it was really bad, you can't just put Sonic.EXE instru and put some Mario reference in it, I mean you can but in this case it wasn't good at all. It sounded so off almost all the time and the vocals were not good either.
    The final part of triple trouble was really good tho.
    But otherwise I love the effort of making cutscenes and some unique animations. The ending is funny but I really wanted a real ending of Sonic.EXE winning or whatever, atleast something serious.
    But it was good tho, a little rework could be amazing, imagine the potential of this.

  11. This is so good also like who do you think is more terrifying? M.exe or Sonic.exe?

  12. Hi, I am the author of the original idea and MagikarpLover80 helped to make an adaptation in the form of a mod, I hope you liked it)

    There are a lot of interesting things waiting for you in future updates, so stay tuned and good luck 😉

  13. I just realized that Bowser is just dead. mario is using his body as a puppet because Bowser has no laugh. Kind like the killer clowns from outer space when one of the clowns had his hand in a cops body but he was dead.

  14. The vocal mixing on literally every song brings me a pain unknown to man.

  15. I've known about this mod since it was only a scratch thing, and it has potential honestly, the Vocals needs rework in some parts that said

  16. This is awesome!

    Imagine if their Lord X Versions would battle against each other.

    Lord M Vs Lord X

  17. to the voice of Peach Has a voice very similar to Monica's exe

  18. В некоторых песнях, мелодии марио звучат не корректно с инструменталом, а так задумка топ

  19. I saw something like this before ryzzon ever posted it. Ngl There was 1 creator who made it all, and he had old designs and songs but they went scrapped.

  20. why knuckle's voice got replaced with mario voice

  21. Wait isn't triple threat like triple trouble maybe a cover of it

  22. I don’t understand they’re both exe’s why are they fighting?

  23. In my opinion the pixelated part of you can’t jump; the audio and music really does not pair well at all but great job with everything else

  24. They could've done a better job with triple trouble honestly but the rest is awesome :b

  25. Why do the vocals look similar to the ones from Mario's Madness?

  26. For those who don't know, this mod was made by ONE person in Scratch. The music, as well as the coding, backgrounds, and sprites were all made by him.
    (Obiviously he used the voices and Sonic.exe sprites, and some music covers/music help from friends, but everything else is made by him.)

    Also, this isn't the full packaged mod, there's still other stuff that hasn't been ported from Scratch yet which are parts inspired from the Sonic.exe 2.5 update. And there's still updates being planned for this mod.

    I highly recommend supporting the dev any way you can as their passion and effort for this mod really shows, despite its rough edges!

    Also, I think that ending was put in by the person who ported it onto GameBananna. Hilarious. XD

  27. The mode is really cool 😎😎😎the end was funny 😆😆

  28. All of the flaws this mod has were made immediately irrelevant thanks to that masterpiece of an ending

  29. the only thing i found off was the vocals a bit though but it was worth the instrumental

  30. When You pay 500$ to the artist and 0.5$ to the musician

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