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LEARNING WITH PIBBY IS CORRUPTING EVERYONE!! | Friday Night Funkin [Finn, Jake, Steven Universe ]

Forever Nenaa
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Gameplay of Friday Night Funkin High Effort Finn and Jake, Corrupted Steven, Pibblammed
Uh oh! Your tryin to kiss ur hot girlfriend, but her MEAN and EVIL dad is trying to KILL you! He’s an ex-rockstar, the only way to get to his heart? The power of music…
💕Play the game here💕

A updated version of the Mid Effort No-Hero mod, now includes 2 more songs and Jake the Dog.
💕Play High Effort Finn and Jake (Pibby x FNF) here💕

💕Play Friday Night Funkin X Corrupted Steven [DEMO] here💕

💕 Play FNF x Pibby Pibblammed demo here💕

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  1. Shaggy will be the next victim to the corruption

  2. What happened to tricky in fnf did he get the glich

  3. On the board in the finn week it says frick u

  4. me (nenna is so ded) somehow she clucthes lmao

  5. This is what happened with Steven show when it ended he got corrupted🤔🤔🤔

  6. I love how they added double notes with a danger note

  7. Boi what did i just hear

    "this isn't a game"

    "hahha i know i was gonna sent you back but……THIS is how you started the legend Steve Universe?!?"

  8. Yo Corrupt me I want to be black heahahaha

  9. Whenever I see people doing the Currupted Pico Mod, they can’t even realizes Pico’s voice.

  10. That is give me nightmare crap I'm so ded TnT

  11. Jalil and Dad Mom Channel and Gaming says:

    Corrupted hero rhymes with no hero

  12. does this woman have the sharingan or sone thing because the last song of fin and jake was…

  13. Still 2 more songs by Corrupted Steven
    -We always save the day
    -Change your mine

  14. The point where your trying to vibe and not trying to die at the same time

  15. Look at the board it just like a sus or sussy baka🤣🤣🤣

  16. I hate the pibby video it's legit tryna make my childhood ruined.

  17. SpongeBob is still in a nutshell lol says:

    I’m so laughed out that Nenna is chill while bf is corrupted

  18. Sonic can't get that cause his heat is powerful

  19. Jake he lost her jake
    Finn lost her other swords
    Glitch monster be like will lets give him a new one golden sword and jake lets just give him a new sword

  20. – Hi ! I see you deleted some videos?

  21. Jenna you would be dead if Finn and Jake sing together

  22. :nena: she got his sheild

    :me: steven is a boy so he is gay then

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