JAKE & FINN?!? THE CORRUPTED MOD IS AMAZING. | Friday Night Funkin (Vs. Pibby Corrupted Full Week) - shadowbizgame.com

JAKE & FINN?!? THE CORRUPTED MOD IS AMAZING. | Friday Night Funkin (Vs. Pibby Corrupted Full Week)

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Welcome back to some more Friday Night Funkin!! In today’s episode, I decided to take down the full week of the FNF vs. Pibby Corrupted Mod & this has to be one of my new favorite mods. It was SO good and packed full of amazing stages, crazy songs and even crazier chartings. Jake & Finn? Yeah. Mordecai? YEAH. Even more corrupted characters? Yeeeeeah.. Enjoy. Smash Karts brings the excitement of kart racing to your fingertips! Race against friends or players worldwide, master challenging tracks, and strategically deploy weapons to secure your victory in this action-packed gaming experience.

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Vs. Pibby Corrupted Mod:

Kevin Macleod:

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00:00 Intro
02:00 Steven Universe Song 1
04:16 Steven Universe Song 2
06:08 Steven Universe Song 3
08:38 Steven Universe Song 4
11:26 Mordecai’s Song
14:06 Spooky Boys throwing down
16:27 Pico, you good fella?
18:53 BF!!?
21:32 Finn’s song (THIS IS SO HARD)
25:31 Jake joins the fight
27:52 Princess Bubblegum is angry..
28:48 Jake & Finn Finale


  1. wait if the time traveler didnt make it in time to save bf and he turned into corrupted bf then there is a mod about bf trying to fight pibby corruption so when you die i guess thats when the time traveler comes in and he doesnt save him

  2. Steven universe song three was so load I got scared because its 3:00am

  3. Are we gonna ignore how one of the most fire songs is the menu?

  4. Ryan at the beginning: I might be a little rusty, so I’ll probably be very bad at it
    Ryan at last spooktober: Does it like a boss

  5. The moment he realises he isnt playing as bf, BTW RYAN ITS HIS BROTHER

  6. The first time I played this it took me like three hours because finn song

  7. Steve is like oh im back form the store😂

  8. 7:07 anybody noticed that it’s a Part of monochrome from hypno’s lullaby?


  10. Damn this mod looks like doo doo now since Pibby apocalypse exists.


  12. Imagine a Pibbi corruption mod in Minecraft and like dream teams up with boyfriend

  13. Theory how corrupted bf was here so he got corrupted and since he was the corrupted was made in different worlds so the corruption traveled to one and was here caused the time paradox of the galaxy thinks everything still is normal and god not destroying the entire galaxy

  14. Hello I’m new and I’m a new subscriber and liked

  15. It's SOOO GOOD seeing Ryan playing FNF again.

  16. Overworked is my second favorite fnf song

  17. bro how is adventure time still being made in 2023 😭

  18. I’m it’s own context, Jake and Finn finale is the camellia’s ghost (beat saber) if fnf

  19. People who knew there was a "Monochrome" section in the Steven Universe one

  20. One thing I like with corrupted boyfriend, is that gf is not with him. Ther reason boyfriend raps is because he’s good at it, and gf protects him. Which is why bf is only able to be harmed when gf isn’t with him, such as here and indie cross. So the detail of gf not being here ether means she’s alive, or got corrupted after boyfriend

  21. Ryan should try the new Pibby Apocalypse mod that came out. ^^

  22. What is boyfriend's outfit when the corruption is t over

  23. I saw all the Steven universe episodes and it is good

  24. There's a melon Steven dead in the backround

  25. If you check out the mod ‘cn takeover’ it’s basically updated pibby Finn and Jake, the songs in this one are absolute bangers and are definitely worth checking out. They’ve updated the voices and made Finn’s voice a little easier on the ears. The designs are still pretty much the same, just a bit different form the ogs. Good luck.

  26. Ryan doesn't know that there are keybinds in the Options menu on gameplay. He can use DFJK or WASD for Left Down Up Right. DFJK is better than WASD because it is straight to the point. Better finger layout, more space, can hit more notes, have less misses.

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