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Forever Nenaa
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Playing Friday at Treasure Island
Uh oh! Your tryin to kiss ur hot girlfriend, but her MEAN and EVIL dad is trying to KILL you! He’s an ex-rockstar, the only way to get to his heart? The power of music…
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This game is a reference to the original game created by Radiance Team “Five Nights at Treasure Island”.
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  1. This is prove that you REALLY SHOULD!! Improve in fnf despite more cooler mods are harder than you wanted it to be,NO TIME TO BE A BABY! GET THAT DAMN TRAINING STARTED ALREADY!
    Edit:look,i dont hate you ok? Just concerned about your skill that kinda doesn't seem to improve

  2. I dare you play mod In The Galaxy 2.0!!!😜

  3. Such creepiness, indeed…
    This is one of those high-effort mechanic mods.

  4. If bf sing like bf is trying to call someone for help

  5. Nenna can you plz play tux trouble it's an old mod but I think you'd enjoy

  6. I love your videos.i can't wait till hypnos lullaby.

  7. ah yes old memories of being tramutized

  8. Someone of glitch played this… He died well he also lied that he didn't die, i think i can't remember

  9. This is basically FNAF but it’s fnf at the same time

  10. Dont press shift too many. Look down, do you see power? If the power ends u will lose. Can you pin me

  11. Hey Forever Nenaa, there's a update on fnf suicide (the new thing is that there's a new song aka REALLY HAPPY)

  12. Nice vid!
    Btw neena – could you play The Walten Files? It's a nice mod!

  13. You might have heard this already but can you play the Hypno's lullaby mod plz?

  14. Speaking as someone who struggles with multitasking, the secondhand stress was real, I tell ya! 👏🏾

  15. did anyone else realised that mickey mogus looking to boyfriend

  16. Forever nenaa there's a secret mode or something and it's called beep power of the dad battle or maybe i'm right

  17. They should add the sad mouse animatronic cuz its in the game

  18. also play the Hypno's lullaby is part of the creepypastas

  19. Nenaa I have something to tell you. You know you still react to Pol right? Well he released a video called I Huggy wuggy VS BF I you should react it😄😄. It came from
    Fri 5th November

  20. Can you play mokey and grooby mod? Or did you already make one
    Plssss read this comment!!!
    -by Maria

  21. Can you check huggy wuggy vs bf but pol animation

  22. Did you know lucky rabbit is 93 years old

  23. Nenaa can u play this mod called hipnoe,s lullaby

  24. Markiplier be like: 1 sec completed boiiiiis

  25. Can you play the Friday night funkin lullaby mod

  26. React to game toons the 4 new animation animations

  27. Forever Nenaa play Vs Sonic.exe Redesign plssss theres some music that you know from the others mods from the pass

  28. I love the layout in this mod! This is definitely in my top 10 favorite mods!

  29. Nenaa u need to play the vs Hipno's lullaby its soo hard and scary.

  30. Do vs hypno lubay fnf mod pokémon creepypasta mod secret dong tip ( on the menú go UPS and down the you heard a sound rap batleing missingno

  31. hey nenaa weird question but would you punch a madness grunt?

  32. Remember when FNF was just a simple ddr game on pc?

  33. If you saw my comment pls can you start playing Roblox

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