How To DRAW Sarv From Friday Night Funkin! (Mid Fight Masses MOD) -

How To DRAW Sarv From Friday Night Funkin! (Mid Fight Masses MOD)

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In this video I am going to show you how to draw a character from Friday Night funkin! it was really fun to draw and you should try to. remember to like and subscribe because it really helps me out.

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  1. This will help alot because I have no experience in art

  2. Also can you give a tutorial on how to draw undyne pixelated I want her to be pixelated like in the game

  3. Can you draw friday night Funkin sans or miku

  4. OMG THx I wanted to draw this your the best !!!!!!

  5. I like ur vids and am getting better and drawing and i did not have to see ur vid to draw sarv i just use a pic from google and i draw sarv and ur good at drawing

  6. do the lemon demon i ain't go no iphone plz it so damn good

  7. I was wondering if you can draw sarv in the gospel version?

  8. damn you should make a video of all your fnf drawing collections, youre actually very good at drawing not even gonna lie

  9. Your such a good artist this tutorial was so fun to follow too!

  10. can you right a lil slower it’s hard to draw it

  11. Thx very much!! But i cant draw properly cause of the shadow

  12. ohh wow😍… i wish im an artist like you 😃

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