Hex mod is back with an insanely hard new update with cutscenes - Friday night funkin - shadowbizgame.com

Hex mod is back with an insanely hard new update with cutscenes – Friday night funkin

Bijuu Mike
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Today we play the new update to the hex mod called VS Hex Mod (THE WEEKEND UPDATE) There’s now fully animated cutscenes and one of the most confusing charts i have ever played

Check out my FNF wish products video –

Play the Hex mod update here –

edited by @Goncy



    “My mod doesn’t make the notes impossible to read, your just bad”

    -one of the ex-easiest mods. Now one of the hardest

  2. I had to spam on hard parts and the easy parts I press to regain hp his reaction tho

  3. Man watching all the videos up to now. Keep going!

  4. The intro was completely ridiculous!
    Well done nubsicle!

  5. Awesome skillz man will u ever do the full pibby week would love to see u play my favorite songs

  6. Hi i am Natasha and I'm here in 2030. You might think this comment was posted 2022 but it's year 2030. That's what my phone and calendar says. Anyways. I wanna warn you about the future. THIS ISN'T FAKE ! the COVID 19 will have taken more life's now. So i post this comment as to say be careful!!

  7. Am I the only person the realized that the first new hex song sounds like dunk a little bit

  8. Bijuu:*finally figures the pattern*
    Game:*makes a new one*
    Bijuu:*simply rages*

  9. imagine if he played applecore it would be heck it has spam, long, and confusing moving notes

  10. not nice where is the secret song is at the free play can you pls chack free play on all the fnf mod to see have secret song or not the one have

  11. Mods with moving notes it’s hard but try your best if you end up failing the first try you may succeed on the second try

  12. Note:whitty is actually hex’s friend that’s why whitty is raising his hands up smiling I guess he is I don’t know by now

  13. Ah yes another mod that is hard as heck my god

  14. hex HEX?!? HEXXX?!?!?!!!!!! GOD LM EXCITED AS HELL

  15. Marshmallow head, can I get scrub of the day plssss pretty please I never got it 😔😔😔❤❤❤❤

  16. I'm noticing a path it goes FNAF 1 three vids later FNAF 2 three vids later hopefully this isn't a coincidence

  17. When most of us said how easy Hex is compared to the others like Whitty, Tricky or Camellia the creator of Hex really wanted to join the competition of the hardest mod XD

  18. The last song of the weekend thing is hard as shit lol

  19. I like how mike keeps screaming when he gets confused lol

  20. Bruh I can't get past the side scroll part

  21. I thought i was the only one who didn't understand

  22. Detected is a child's play from me since I play notitg 2 times every week

  23. Day 17 of asking bijuu mike to play cookie run oven break

  24. No one:…
    Absolutely no one:…

    Every intro in 2016:

  25. How do you make a Friday night Mode

  26. They use a mod chart which a lua script the person made that mod chart in a day

  27. shoutout to him for actually beating detected himself

  28. Wow, I think I’ve only seen one other mod that messes with the arrows so much

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