Hex mod is back with an insanely hard new update with cutscenes - Friday night funkin - shadowbizgame.com

Hex mod is back with an insanely hard new update with cutscenes – Friday night funkin

Bijuu Mike
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Today we play the new update to the hex mod called VS Hex Mod (THE WEEKEND UPDATE) There’s now fully animated cutscenes and one of the most confusing charts i have ever played

Check out my FNF wish products video –

Play the Hex mod update here –

edited by @Goncy


  1. The eye looks like the eye from: the society of the blind eye from gravity falls

  2. Bro, you’re literally the first YouTuber I know who didn’t use Botplay to beat Detected! Awesome job!!!!

  3. The way the arrows move reminds me of last breath sans phase 3 with how stuff would defy the laws of the game and flip the angle of the screen btw I kinda wish detected had the colour swapping effect from glitcher where it turns black with character outlines in red for hex and blue for bf

  4. Dude i still cant believe he passed detected with only 39 misses :O

  5. Try on your mobile Tuesday night fukin. I love Mike videos

  6. i watched 8owser16 play this. he tried 2 hours on detected.
    its not a mistake.
    its a 🌠MASTERPIECE🌠

  7. now we need an other sequel,
    The anti virus is actually malware

  8. Day 2 of asking Bijuu to play night in the woods

  9. I noticed a lot of youtubers during the week mod said it was too easy, I think they took that critism and said "easy huh? How about we set the difficulty to screw you mode? How about that?"

  10. Put the difficulty up put it up unless it's impossible it's impossible

  11. Baldi mod hit control button and then you can actually change the notes and make your own song

  12. dang that iris dialog thing is really giving me bill cipher vibes

  13. Nenaa used bot play but you could do it by just spamming

    When spam helps you beat something so hard Keys:💀

  14. (Hex random charted song thing plays)
    Me and Bijuu Mike: WHAT IS GOING ON

  15. You missed some songs in freeplay I think

  16. Remember when Hex was an easy mod? Me too.

  17. HAHAHA U ARE SO FUNNY😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Hey for me that’s a nice challenge after me getting one hundred percent on all shaggy and Matt songs

  19. Hex does the moving keys like Bob but harder

  20. The ron mod got updated with a week 2 and make sure you play week 1

  21. I love your Friday night funkin mods I swear I can watch them a million times

  22. Day 6 asking me to Mike to play yandere simulator because now you can inform teachers if you kill somebody and also there's new music in the bedroom and a new outfit for yandere-chan in the bedroom the leader of the bully squad has a new hairstyle and the green person in the group rival Chon got a new hairstyle tornado hair rival got a new hairstyle it's not really a new hairstyle but it looks cool and the whole entire school is different they changed the school


  24. Bijuu Mike can you play five nights at Freddy sister location please 🥺🥺

  25. Please consider playing the Retrospecter mod.

  26. Man, these mod creators must have gotten unreasonably angry when the FNF fandom called their mld easy, cause the way they made this mod hard is just absolute garbage bullshit. Way to ruin a great mod, whoever created the Hex mod

  27. How did Hex go from one of the easiest mods to the hardest mod?

  28. Why the heck does Mike look like dantdm

  29. bijuu you make me so sad 🙁 i don’t want to see friday night funkin, i want the last episode of your turn to die:( like come on dude finish the series i want to see how the end is 🙁 plus you post SO MUCH FRIDAY FUNKIN!! please bijuu
    your visual novels literally help my depression 😭😭

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