Hex mod is back with an insanely hard new update with cutscenes - Friday night funkin - shadowbizgame.com

Hex mod is back with an insanely hard new update with cutscenes – Friday night funkin

Bijuu Mike
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Today we play the new update to the hex mod called VS Hex Mod (THE WEEKEND UPDATE) There’s now fully animated cutscenes and one of the most confusing charts i have ever played

Check out my FNF wish products video –

Play the Hex mod update here –

edited by @Goncy


  1. You should react to the Colorado avocado again I loved your video 🥴🥴🥴😜😜

  2. its so long since i heard hex!!!. finnaly got Updated thx bijuu mike to share this video

  3. Day 483 of asking Bijuu Mike to continue playing Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy

  4. i think this becama the hardest slow-paced song ever not even matt from wiki can beat it

  5. Oh hex

    (I have a hecc pass)

  6. Bijuu Mike play the Fnf vs Dave And Bambi Golden Apple Edition please

  7. iris name is actually siri if you flip it around

  8. Have he played galaxy fnf, cuz its the same level as Detected( the song that he struggle). BTW pls play it!

  9. Imagine the shaggy mod with these kinds of charts

  10. Most youtubers: fails on a modchart
    Me: it’s showtime

  11. make a keyboard reveal trust me his is gonna be a good vid if u do I will subscribe and like all videos u upload

  12. Imagine if agoti mod was still here and it had this mechanics

  13. Now it's just a matter or time till hex starts singing songs as difficult as Camilla songs

  14. Me when i see garcello here even though he died in smoking : me omg garcello is truely a imortal

  15. Hey Bijuu if you see this you should play a game called changed it’s on steam
    It’s a really cool adventure game
    (Warning : you will need to censor some of the game over animations)

  16. ✨It's not a mistake it's a ✨master piece✨

  17. The song, the chart, the mechanics, the cutscenes!
    He’s was one of my favorite mods and now it has become my new favorite
    This is absolutely flawless

  18. How did the easiest mod turn into the hardest mod bro

  19. Wait doesn't that mean the eye witch ex: also in thee qt mod . Is being controlled by iras and other mods to trying to make bf make dearest look bad and go out of business .

  20. Me:Hex us the easiest mod out there!
    Hex: and ι тooĸ тнaт perѕonally


    Somehow he did better accuracy on this than the much easier nonsense mod.

  22. Most people don't appreciate good mod charting.

  23. This mod reminds me of another mod, which is I think it's called "In the galaxy" mod where the notes start to move crazy, which is cool mechanics but insanely impossible
    Anyway, good job, Mike, keep up the good work and I'm pretty sure you can do it

  24. At some points it sounds like boyfriend is say die,die,discord.

  25. yet again mike missed many songs in free play- even though he read the screen that says he gained access to the new songs

  26. Mike: OK I’m giving up on the robot voice (continues with robot voice)

  27. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  28. I love the mod, also I was wanting to know if you can try the lemon fever mod

  29. Wait the editor didn’t edit the s-

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