Gettin' Freaky (Main Menu) - Friday Night Funkin' OST -

Gettin’ Freaky (Main Menu) – Friday Night Funkin’ OST

Kawai Sprite
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Composed by Kawai Sprite:
From the game “Friday Night Funkin'”
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  1. after lisetning to the ost in the oswald mod

    I just don't like this as much

  2. I'm so happy that my cousin showed me the game, I've gotten into another fandom because of this and reentered another one

  3. 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙈𝙰𝘯Gℑ𝐥є says:

    The fact I'm making an fnf mod!

  4. this hits diffrent when your jamming to this on a friday

  5. 0:56 these "go man go go mankill go mango go handle go hancho" is bop af

  6. no bc i get down HARD right after he says “gettin’ freaky on a friday night” for the first time

  7. Original Intro/Main Menu/Levels Selection

  8. hello kawaii sprite, I wanted to ask you please if you could do the gettin freaky song but in remix for my friday night funkin mod and i will give you credit and send the download link

  9. what happened to the og fnf its like it just went poof and mods just started to cover it up.

  10. This is officially a year old

  11. Gabriel Games original pronto tá boca says:

    Deixa o link do áudio da música

  12. I've been a lot of time trying to find the voices of this theme every moder seems to find in other to remix the intro, but i couldn't, i just gave up and decided to hear the intro while thinking how i'll find what i'm looking for

  13. even though i dislike the game, i like this

  14. this song reminds me of something that could play in a game store or something

  15. Only if U could use this as a theme song for if own game

  16. Black Panter black panther R.i.p Wakkanda wakkanda forever we miss you voice line Coryxkeshin()

  17. Kawi sprite you are built different 👏👏👏🤟

  18. Leaving a comment here so I can remember this song. Such a classic.

  19. “🎧🎤Gettin gettin freaky on a Friday night, my name is Cory kenshin aka the samurai🎶”

    I swear the song gets more addicting the more you listen to it man. 😆😎

  20. "Tomato! Tomato! Tomato! Tomato!…"

  21. Everyones focussing on, "Gettin' freaky on a friday night, yeah." But we're all sleeping on, "You think you got what it takes?"

  22. freaky tiki tiki tiki tiki what is looking for

  23. Is it just me? Or do i hear "Go mango!" Being repeated oven and over after the "Gettin freaky on a Friday night, yeah!" ?

  24. Boe! Ay! Did du did u da du da du ay! Gettin freaky on a Friday night yeah

  25. i love gettin freaky nice video dude👍👏😇

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