Genocide WITH LYRICS - Friday Night Funkin' VS Ex Tabi Mod (Lyrical Cover) (FNF Animation) -

Genocide WITH LYRICS – Friday Night Funkin’ VS Ex Tabi Mod (Lyrical Cover) (FNF Animation)

Cougar macdowall Va
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Tabi’s full cover of Genocide with Lyrics and a few extra surprises. Featruing Stickybpm, Juno Songs, Nikusa.

Huge thank you to the best partner in crime ever Jelzy for her amazing help on this project!

Vocals: Cougar
Lyrics: Juno
Original Composition: Tenzubushi (…)
Huge thanks to Sticky and Juno for making cameos in this project also my girl Katastrofree for coming back to voice Nikusa

VS. Ex mod developed by homskiy (, …), GWebDev, Tenzubushi, DaDrawingLad, BrightFyre

Friday Night Funkin’ developed by ninjamuffin99, Phantom Arcade ()

Play the original mod here:

Sticky as himself
Juno as himself
Kat as Nikusa

Jelzyart and my god did she kick butt

Thanks so much for watching more Friday Night Funkin comics coming soon, maybe a few happier ones but who knows. But don’t worry plenty of Godzilla Vs Kong, Steven Universe, Among Us, and Puppet show things in the works.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. we know what you not mess with tab and and his cats I'm waiting for him to go full King Ghidorah lol

  2. You took everything from m-NUH UH

  3. I don’t even know how bf and gf aren’t on fire ……

  4. I been wandering… Will ya do ZAVODILA?
    If u don't want to do it, I don't mind I just wanna know lol

  5. To complete the picture, I want the bf to also sing with words

  6. Can we al agree that gf and bf ABSOLUTELY deserved all of this

  7. The fact that sticky us hidden in the thumbnail is crazy

  8. I'm still wondering if this is the official lyrics

  9. The shitpost version of the juno songs genocide

  10. Теперь давайте мы заставим нейросети Яндекс браузера перевести видео и озвучить его на русский язык😈😈😈

  11. After the "fall" of FnF, I can't even describe how it is nice to come back to those classics that carried this game.
    And holy shit, this cover is amazing.🔥


  13. Honestly "You are just a tool to the succubus' symphony. She is just a tool to her daddys vile villainy " and the last lines after 1:59 go so hard

  14. 👍👍😎👍👍😎👍👍😎😎😎👍😎😎😎👍😎👍😎👍

  15. And the scary fact is, that not only Tabi is warning Bf that she is just trying to trick her, but he is also asking us, players of the Mod to step off, unless we want to feel the same fate he experienced, his words were a warning both for a player and a character…

  16. Tabi: Juno, sticky
    What I hear: Juno’s dicky

  17. 1:59 " You ain't ready , palms are sweaty, may be petty, but I keep it real " is from Ballistic w lyrics and I'm actually disappointed no one freakin noticed.


  19. Lyrics: GF! You took my work, my love, my life, and even my god damn cat! So die!! Gave you time to run still you stand your ground before this snake. Fine! Then turn to ash as the inferno both your lives shall take.

    BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES You refuse to take the tinted lenses off to see the light. Gaze at the reward that shall wait you if you choose to fight

    BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES she will use you like she used me, cast you off to feed again I will brand the knowledge in your head that she is not your friend!

    BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES You are just a tool to the succubus's symphony she is just a tool to her daddy's vile villainy! BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES

    You go far too hard for a girl that doesn't share your love let me shed light with the fire from above! BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES Bring the house down, burn it all 'til none remains BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES

    Kill that cyka, throw her corpse into the flames! BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES

    You didn't hear the warnings you will learn that your love has consequences you still have a chance let me end her now come to your senses! BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES

    You thought with your balls blinded by your lust to all her lies the dearests build your trust then take your soul as their prize BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES

    If you knew what I've been through you'll see my madness JUSTIFIED hatred rolls inside ballistic with demonic GENOCIDE BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES

    If the witch shall fail, I care not about COLLATERAL sacrifice in war on hell is natural BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES

    If it's what it takes, I will raze the world to CRUSH HER no more grave mistakes, there'll be no one let to TRUST HER! BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES

    Daddy dearest soon will know betrayals pain BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES

    And that demon shall hurt NONE EVER AGAIN! Tabi and BF scream

    You aren't ready! BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES

    She's unsteady! BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES

    Yes it's petty! BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES

    But I'll keep it real! BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES

    Step off player! BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES

    Let me slay her! BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES

    And her dad will BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES

    Know just how I feel! BF BEEPS INTENSIFIES

    BF and Tabi Turn back now or pay the price behind that smile is a heart of ice oh you will fail to her betrayal hear my wail heed my tale but don't come crawling when you see when she does what she did to me! Tabi scream intensifies

  20. Damn I Didn’t Know You Can Sing That Fast Even Though I Never Heard You Sing Before

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