Friday Nights at Funkin's -

Friday Nights at Funkin’s

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Hey Gentlemen & Ladies, It’s BENBROS.
The title of this video is “Friday Nights at Funkin’s”.
Markplier plays Friday Nights at Funkin’s. Hope you enjoy this video.

► Source used
Video clips of @Markiplier

Fredbear Dances To Happy
Fright night Funkin – the blueball incident clip
Tricky blue screen by @Charmx the king

Fnaf singing voice by @Abdul_Cisse


► Background music used
Dangerous by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.
Les Toreadors from Carmen (by Bizet) – Bizet
Friday Night Funkin – Main Menu- theme
Bach Cello Suite No. 1, G Major, Prelude – Cooper Cannell
Black Mass – Brian Bolger

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  1. Let’s hope he also plays the game Five Night Freddy

  2. The sussy cookie from chip's ahoy ad is back.

  3. Friday Night's at Funking looking fire 🔥🤯

  4. Friday Night's at Funking looking fire 🔥🤯

  5. When the cookie is drippy the cringe is sussy

  6. The Main Cause Of Warps In All Of Reality says:

    Five Friday nights at Funkin Freddies

  7. Benbros please turn off all comment sections of all your videos to stop the spam bots

  8. Why are there so many Markiplier memes?

  9. I like how he made the shirt match the previous clip when he said “was that the bite of cookie?”

  10. Markiplier:was that the bite of 87?
    Tricky:was that the tiky's bite?

  11. Five nights at freddy's + Friday night funkin = Friday nights at Freddy's

  12. I love the fact that He use some footage from Blueball incident mod

  13. Lol can't wait for this to be a actuale mod for fnf XD

  14. so many things are happening in one video. Very scary, especially the bite of cookie which was super sus

  15. – Camera Disabled –

    ( Until the shit gets cleaned off the cpu)

  16. Imagine if someone actually gonna make this a real game

  17. Every time i watch benros i alway think it a 21sth century meme

  18. Friday Nights at Funkin's will be the best mod that Markiplier ever played. He's really enjoying this. Well done

  19. Yo la primera ves que conoci fnf pense que era un lod de fnaf xd

  20. Damn bro he even used blue balls incident bf the mod is growing so fast

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