Friday Nights at Funkin's -

Friday Nights at Funkin’s

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Hey Gentlemen & Ladies, It’s BENBROS.
The title of this video is “Friday Nights at Funkin’s”.
Markplier plays Friday Nights at Funkin’s. Hope you enjoy this video.

► Source used
Video clips of @Markiplier

Fredbear Dances To Happy
Fright night Funkin – the blueball incident clip
Tricky blue screen by @Charmx the king

Fnaf singing voice by @Abdul_Cisse


► Background music used
Dangerous by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.
Les Toreadors from Carmen (by Bizet) – Bizet
Friday Night Funkin – Main Menu- theme
Bach Cello Suite No. 1, G Major, Prelude – Cooper Cannell
Black Mass – Brian Bolger

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  1. Imagine Markiplier sees this and game exists and Markiplier plays it…

  2. You cannot put the blue balls incident BF in here and not give us Trollge GF. Blasphemy, heresy.

  3. Every time I hear FNF I feel FNAF never a dancing kid with he’s génitales

  4. Spring Bonnie watching all this happen like:wtf you guys are weird

  5. I am a FNF fan
    this is funny
    especially the cookie part

  6. You know that a fnf mod is a masterpiece when memers use it XD

  7. He really had the Blueballs Incident at da toilet

  8. I cant wait until Benbros makes enough videos to have the full ultra instinct theme

  9. Do a part 2 do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2Do a part 2

  10. funkin' boy ate too much chicky- chicky- burgar- burgar- burgar-

  11. i died when he became the chips ahoy cringe cookie XDD

  12. Hahahhaah your videos always cheers me up, thank you, u made my day 💓

  13. Markiplier is not done his gameplay becuase is too many drunks

  14. 0:42
    Thats markiplier's gameplay reference right..?.😂…too much juice..😂😂

  15. Actuly a faound friday nigt funkin acscdintly a was gona watch some fnaf vidiyo and type fnf instant of fnaf then a found fnf there was just week 1 2 3 4 and after 1 week a faound 5 week came now 7 and now evryone know the game

  16. he should try genshin impact it will be a huge impact in his life

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